5 Real Estate Apps with Astounding Benefits

Using real estate apps means you don’t have to go through the ordeal of visiting one house after another. - you can easily look at hundreds of options.






Buying or selling a house can become an uphill task. Real Estate is an ever-changing market. In such dynamic markets, it gets a little tough to keep track of the changing environment.

However, using real estate apps, you don’t have to go through the ordeal of visiting one house after another. You can easily look at hundreds of options while relaxing on your rocking chair.

The trend of real estate apps is on the rise. Cancelling out the real estate agents, the real estate applications are gradually becoming people’s top choice.

The National Association of Realtors reports that around 97% of people begin their search online and 76% of people use a mobile or tablet to search. With an absolute majority searching for homes online, let’s discuss some major benefits of using real estate apps. Moreover, we’ll also discuss some top real estate apps to begin your hunt for a new house. Let’s get started:


Benefits of Using Real Estate Apps:


Better Output:

Real estate apps save a lot of time. You can explore options within your budget without making any visits. You can find what material is used on the floor and walls. In short, you can find every necessary information about the house.


Such apps allow you to directly contact the concerned parties. Thus, narrowing down the communication gap between buyers and sellers.

Marketing Opportunities:

If you’re running a company, real estate apps provide a marketing channel to advertise your offerings.

Detailed Information:

Real estate apps are regularly updated by sellers who add information about renovation, and work on the property. With every minor and major detail of the house, it gets easy to track your dream home!

However, to use real estate applications, you may require an internet connection with extensive bandwidth. With browsing multiple houses and viewing their images and videos, an ordinary connection may slow down your house hunt.

For that reason, we recommend a connection like Cox that offers lightning-paced internet at minimal rates. With Cox, you can explore as many options as you want in no time. Moreover, millions of free hotspot zones let you stay connected on the go.

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Now, let’s look at some best real estate apps you can take advantage of:



Real Estate Applications:



When it 135 million comes to finding homes online, Zillow is the market leader. Zillow provides a database of around U.S. homes. Moreover, with advanced features like a price calculator, area, transit options, and many more, you can easily personalize your search.

To sell on Zillow, your ad needs to be highly detailed. You can expect the property to be sold in no time as Zillow has amassed millions of customers all over the country.

Furthermore, other than buying and selling on Zillow, you can get innovative ideas to renovate and design your house.


Real Estate by Xome:

Xome has a database of around 100 million U.S. properties. With Xome, you can easily explore apartments, family houses, townhomes, and condos. Moreover, you can save your search on Xome to use later.

The best thing about Xome is the virtual property tour. This way, you can virtually visit a house and see if it meets your criteria in the price bracket.



It’s another classic that helps you in getting your new house. To keep the human element intact, Redfin provides support from real estate agents and customer service representatives.

Customized search is the USP of this app. Along with the customized search option, people can get an accurate house estimate based on area, locality, and other vital factors. Moreover, you can calculate mortgage, insurance, and property tax on the house using Redfin built-in tools.



Along with the houses, Trulia provides information about the surroundings of a house. With Trulia, you can find out the nearby schools, hospitals, grocery stores, parks, and other essential things one may want to lead a peaceful lifestyle.



Landlords often don’t find suitable tenants. Some major reasons can be tidiness, maintenance of the house, or the carefree attitude of the tenants. However, finding a perfect match has become easier for landlords with Realtor.com.

Now, realtors can update their listings daily without any hidden or extra charges. As a result, landlords can keep an eye on the updated listings to find suitable tenants.


Winding Up:

Searching for a new house was never this easy. Having such beneficial real estate apps in your repertoire, you can hunt down a perfect house without even visiting it. With these apps, you can calculate and know other important variables as well. So, if your house-hunt is on way, now you know where to look!






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