Leading Hotel Group Partners Shines a Light on Local Artists

BlackBrick has partnered with artists to bring a taste of South African and global culture to each of their hotels.





Murals create a sense of community. They brighten up city streets and uplift neighbourhoods - creating an opportunity for connection.

This is the exact reason BlackBrick has partnered with artists to bring a taste of South African and global culture to each of their hotels. The hotel group drew inspiration from their team, partnering with local furniture manufacturers, to place the art at the centre of the décor

"Art and murals form a large part of BlackBrick's culture. These art elements capture parts of society and add meaning to public spaces. Due to these works of art being so essential to neighbourhood upliftment, we've decided to incorporate that approach in our rooms. The art gives the spaces a unique identity and allows us to start a conversation with our guests," says Boipelo Molwela, Program Curator of BlackBrick.




In BlackBrick's two Sandton properties, Fhatuwani Mukheli, Sarah Grace, GreyRoom and Sadie Clayton's work is on display.











• Fhatuwani's work focuses on changing peoples' perspectives and perceptions of humble beginnings. He draws inspiration from his childhood in a township, and much of his colourful work centres around the concept of safe spaces, often featuring images of children in their parents' arms.

• Sarah draws on her love for nature and the beauty of the African continent. Her work features non-traditional methods of painting – such as pouring, scraping and sliding paint over the canvas – to mimic the stains and pools of colour that echo shadows and textures found in natural spaces.

• GreyRoom by Jonette Schoeman aims to use textiles to tell inspiring stories through texture and pattern. Her hand woven artworks feature earthy, muted tones and textures, creating a balance between sophisticated, modern design and connection to the natural world.

• Sadie is well known for her copper artworks. She aims to channel copper's natural healing powers to reinvigorate individuals, communities, and the environment with each piece. Sadie explores cultural diversity in her work, hoping to bring like-minded souls together to create a sense of community and shared creativity.







At the Bedfordview property, artists Naledi Modupi and Jay Carson exhibit.







• Naledi is a multi-dimensional visual artist who seamlessly manoeuvres between digital art territories and traditional art mediums. Her work is inspired by the beauty of blackness, and she aims to inspire confidence in those who see themselves in her work.

• Jay's artwork highlights the connection between purpose, meaning and nature. Jay uses his art to explore his identity and place in the world, inviting others to realise that they are part of something larger than themselves. Essentially, it aims to convey a sense of hope to those viewing it.







These three artists are on display in BlackBrick's Cape Town property: Farai Samurai, Ian Albertyn and Christopher MacClements.









• Farai's art is rooted in cubism but transcends into psychological portraiture. He aims to explore the viewer's emotions, and he is deeply interested in the intersection of mental health, the body and morality. His characters are relatable, mirroring the experiences of the viewer and broader society.

• Ian uses wooden blocks to build his art. Each small black and wide block represents human life and finding one's place in the world. He uses contrasting colours to explore the fight between good and evil and the idea of each of us forming part of a bigger picture.

• As a former architect, Christopher's work features many of the lines and perspectives of his former trade. However, he has since turned his creativity to murals and graffiti art. He aims to explore the mind's inner workings through the circuitous process of design and collaboration

"Each artist brings a unique perspective to our rooms, opening up a dialogue around the experiences of South Africans and their place within the world. Not only has BlackBrick included one-of-a-kind art pieces to create a sense of community among our guests, but we're also proudly providing a platform to elevate young South African artists," concludes Molwela.





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