6 Luxury Daycations to Experience this Summer

A daycation could be a short city break, a quick beach getaway, or an outdoor adventure in closer, more accessible destinations.






After another long year, but one that is much less restricted than we’ve all experienced these past few years, it’s certainly time for us to take a break, relax and unwind. The challenge is that not only is that week-long vacation in Mauritius or that luxury holiday in the Swiss Alps out of reach, but for many of us so is a holiday trip across the country.

This year, many South African households are reeling from the effects of the rising cost of living, along with record-high inflation fuelled by high costs of petrol, rising food prices and more. In just a year, the interest rate climbed rapidly from 7% to 10.5% in 2022, ending up at 11.75% in late 2023. Meanwhile, consumer price inflation rose to 5.4% in September this year while the food inflation rate surged to a 14-year high in March 2023.

This has put pressure on everyone’s household budgets, leading to many people cutting back on spending. But just because you have to work around a tighter budget doesn't mean that you have to put a damper on the fun or postone travel plans. With a much-needed break on the cards for all of us, it’s time to look at having shorter, more experiential holiday outings instead of saying bye-bye to vacation dreams all together.

Enter the daycation, also known as micro-cation or staycation. A daycation could be a short city break, a quick beach getaway, or an outdoor adventure in closer, more accessible destinations.

These little minibreaks offer travellers an escape from the constant connected buzz of everyday life, offering much-needed respite. Time away from the humdrum of daily routine, even if short, can do a world of good, even if it's just a change of scenery. In fact, the benefits of taking shorter breaks include increased productivity and creativity, as well as reduced stress, improved sleep and emotional well-being for a happier, healthier you.

Here are six rejuvenating one day mini-vacation ideas to try this summer:







1. Pamper yourself with a spa day

Probably one of the best ways to take time out and relax is to treat yourself to a full body massage or spa day. Whether you’re looking to leave with radiant skin with a facial or salt scrub, get rid of any aches and pains through a massage, or simply take some time for quiet reflection, a spa day is a way you can treat both your mind and your body.

Urban day spas in Johannesburg offer travellers a sanctuary within the city, the Cape’s breathtaking selection of spas offer tranquillity in spaces from vineyards to garden retreats, while Limpopo scenic landscape and abundance of wildlife provide a unique spa experience for any traveller.





2. Go out for a long brunch

While breakfast and lunch is often just a meal, brunch is more of an event and though it’s been around for some time, brunch is experiencing a surge in popularity among South Africans. Offering the perfect setting to catch up with friends or even make new ones, as well as a socially acceptable excuse to do some day drinking with the iconic brunch drink herself - the mimosa - travellers can capture new memories over delicious food and good company.

For anyone in the Cape Town region this summer, Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront offers a unique Dubai-style brunch at Tobago’s Restaurant, Bar and Terrace. You can partake in bottomless drinks, all-you-can-eat appetisers and dessert. With live entertainment from resident DJ’s , it is a must experience event.


3. Spend the day or night at a market

If you’re looking to sample some local cuisine and experience a vibrant atmosphere, then a flea or street market might be what you need. With a number of stalls that visitors can browse and purchase a range of goods such as artisanal gourmet foods and sweet treats, handcrafted beer, freshly baked goods, and organic artisinal produce accompanied by live music and a variety of entertainment on offer, South Africa’s growing market scene is the perfect place to spend a leisurely day (or evening in some cases).


4. Dip a toe into the great outdoors

There can be nothing better or more soothing than taking a mini travel experience that is good for body, mind and soul. Enjoy the natural beauty of South Africa by participating in adventurous activities such as mountain biking and climbing or more relaxing activities like hiking, stargazing or taking a wildlife tour.





5. Get creative and try something new

A vacation is really just the perfect time to get a little bit out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never tried before. This summer, take advantage of the sun, get out into the world, and try some new activities or learn a new skill like pottery, painting, rug tufting, leatherworking or join a cooking class.


6. Hit the road with no plans

One exciting way to try something completely new is to simply pack up your car, choose a direction to go in, and go! Don’t make plans, simply go with the flow and see where the road takes you. You might end up finding a whole new adventure if you’re brave enough!







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