Celebrate Father's Day

This Father’s Day, let’s go big on celebrating dads, step-dads and fatherly figures and, while material gifts are lovely, they should also be given time to rest and reset, plus the opportunity to collect memories instead of things.






We’re also aware that not all dads and dad-stand-ins are into what we deem “traditional” Father’s Day gifts - socks, beer bread kits, ties, and the like. Instead, many are interested in more neutral gifts and the gift of time well spent. Here are some ideas on how to spoil your special person this Father’s Day.



An Actual Celebration

This Father’s Day, a host of restaurants will be promoting buffets and lunches in honour of father figures. Radisson Blu Waterfront in Cape Town, for example, hosts an annual Father’s Day buffet. Take the responsibilities of cooking away from both parents, invite a few loved ones and get each one to prepare a speech on the effect that your father figure has had on your life.


Picking a scenic location like the Radisson Blu Waterfront gives you the added benefit of being stimulated by nature and the opportunity to take a post-lunch stroll along the docks before indulging in dessert. If you’re in Johannesburg, pop into the Radisson RED Hotel in Rosebank for a special experience at their RED Rooftop. This one is especially for those who are die-hard rugby supporters as there will be a screening of old Rugby World Cup matches and a family-style braai on the rooftop. The braai offerings will be served on a rustic harvest table with dishes like boerewors, rosemary-marinated chicken, biltong, and side dishes including corn bread, bean salad, vetkoek and more.



A Little Time Off of their Feet

Give dad a break by giving them the gift of rest this Father’s Day and help him with any chores that he may need doing around the house. If you can’t do it yourself, check out what SweepSouth has to offer. SweepSouth’s Connect services offer a range of household services designed to allow people to put their feet up. A great idea is to book a few hours worth of handyman services and walk through the house to look for loose nails, squeaking hinges and leaks and allow the handyman to fix them all. SweepSouth CEO Aisha Pandor says, if you wish, you can include tutorials as part of the service. This is where the handyman does a live demonstration showing you how to fix those things yourself - a great opportunity to empower yourself and others in the home.



Introduce Some New Tech

For those dads who grew up listening to vinyl, followed by cassette tapes and CDs, having all of the artists they love available to listen to on one app should be great news. Help your loved one listen to all their favourite jams in one place and set them up on Spotify’s streaming app. Here, they can listen to millions of artists and insightful, funny and relaxing podcast content. There’s a free option or you could pay for a basic subscription for one family member at R59.99 a month.

Additionally, if your parents love art, design, music or comedy, introduce them to the PopSpot social network. It’s a social hub for creativity of all types where users can directly support their favourite local creatives and artists.

If your dad has been speaking about investing in crypto and you’re wanting to help them get started, a good idea would be to set them up on the UpandUp app. This app automatically invests in Bitcoin by rounding off your change, or adding on a specified amount when you use your linked bank account for a purchase. It’s simple for anyone to use because you just set it and forget it.



Get Creative

Workshops and outdoor activities have doubled in popularity after lockdown. People are excited to be outdoors again and keen to participate in new things. It has long been said that flowers have a stimulating effect on our mind and our mood. Despite this, gifting flowers has been a gendered gift seen as being for women only. Cape Town’s Flower Cafe offers therapeutic flower arranging workshops for entire families so that dads can enjoy getting creative and relaxed too.

For more creative experiences across the country, Airbnb Experiences offers a host of workshops including hikes, neighbourhood tours, cooking expeditions and mushroom and seaweed foraging.

Gifting loved ones by nurturing their creativity or personal interests and exploring new technology with them will prove far more meaningful this Father’s Day and reflects the diverse range of parental figures and dads out there.





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