Samsung Freestyle Fully Portable Screen for Entertainment Anywhere

The Freestyle from Samsung is a brand new fully portable entertainment and screening device that utilises ground-breaking technology for optimal user viewing and entertainment wherever you are.






Samsung's Freeloader - take your entertainment anywhere!

The Samsung Freestyle has to be the hottest thing in entertainment since the invention of movies. It has the flexibility of 180-degree movement that allows you to point, play and then enjoy the big screen experience in your own home or wherever you need it. The Freestyle viewer optimises any screen size and focuses automatically for picture-perfect viewing.




You can use the Samsung Freestyle in conjunction with your streaming apps and movie downloads, or listen to your favourite music playlist, dance with Spotify, enjoy your favourite games, laugh with TikTok or have a chat with voice assistants. You can even set up the Freestyle to focus on your fitness with training apps. The integral speakers and 360-degree surround sound provide you with a deeply immersive and smart movie theatre experience that enhances your entertainment even more.



The go anywhere - watch anything of the future!





What is the Samsung Freestyle?

This portable entertainment system, while targeted at Gen Z and Millennial, is ideal for anyone looking for portable entertainment that includes the projector, smart 360-degree speaker and ambient lighting device all rolled into one lightweight, portable device. Portability as its finest with a weight of 830g, it is lightweight and easy to take wherever you go.







The difference between the Samsung Freestyle and other boxy projectors is that the versatile cradle allows for rotation of up to 180 degrees, enabling users to show high-quality video anywhere – on almost any surface - no separate screen required.





Freestyle Projector

The Freestyle is an innovative entertainment viewing system that is geared towards superlative versatility and flexibility designed to meet changing lifestyles but without the limitation in space and form factor. Samsung's Freestyle is a fun and versatile device that can be used in any way consumers prefer.



Setting up the Freestyle device is easy and simple with its innovative technology and automatic levelling that provides a perfectly proportional image with each and every use. The autofocus feature provides a crystal-clear image on almost any surface, walls, floors and even ceilings - any angle at up to 2.5-metres in size.



Link the Freestyle to your Smart TV and bring out the best of the features available by using the built-in streaming services and mirroring and casting features compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. This revolutionary portable projector comes fully certified by global major OTT partners.







The innovative Freestyle lets you watch your favourite shows, listen to your playlists, play games, or simply stream and relax - on any surface!




Freestyle Sound

With a sound that fills the room in high quality, the 360-degree audio features smart speakers and bass enhances to give you the best theatre experience in your home. With an external battery pack, you can take the Freestyle anywhere and still watch what you want - where you want - indoors or outdoors. Get the full party experience by steaming your fave music videos. Choose your favourite playlist or music with the device hands-free while listening to ground-breaking far-field voice control.



With external batteries that support USB-PD and 50W/20V output or above, you have portable entertainment at your fingertips - whether at an outdoor event, camping trip or evening under the stars.





Entertainment Anywhere

The Samsung Freestyle works with both Bluetooth and HDMI and can be mounted on the floor, on a table, or mounted onto a wall or floor. Simply mount it, position it and watch it - anywhere! Not only can the Freestyle be used as a projector, it can be used to provide mood lighting for a party or event.


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