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Time is something we all want more of, and while we may not be able to give you a time-travelling machine, we can suggest 10 services that help cut down on effort and stress, freeing you up to, well, squeeze even more into your day.






If you’re feeling as if the end of the year is rushing in on you and you’ve barely had time to blink, you’re not alone. The thought that Christmas is a mere 16 weeks away is enough to make you wish you had many more hours in a day to accomplish all you need to do. Time is something we all want more of, and while we may not be able to give you a time-travelling machine, we can suggest 10 services that help cut down on effort and stress, freeing you up to, well, squeeze even more into your day.






Travel more affordably

Thinking of travelling over the December holidays? It’s always exciting planning a getaway, but with the mounds of work you’re likely trying to wrap up before year’s end, there just isn’t time to spend properly researching the best flights and hotels at the best prices.

This is where smart research tools will save you loads of time and stress - and very importantly, money. Cheapflights.co.za is a one-stop flight-and-hotel comparison ‘shop’, doing all the hard research work for you to compare flight and hotel prices so that all you have to do is select the ones that work for you and your budget, and make your bookings. No fuss, no stress, and you can use all the extra time to plan all the wonderful things you will do and see when you’re on your vacation.





Dinner, sorted

One of the things no one is prepared for as an adult is deciding what to make for dinner every single night. And while there are superstars among us who meal plan and prepare their ingredients ahead of time, many people simply don’t have the time or the imagination to come up with new meal ideas every few days. This is where services such as UCOOK can help. All you have to do is log onto their website, browse pre-planned meals and pick the ones you’re keen on making at home. The ingredients needed for your dishes are then delivered to your door a few days later, ready for you to cook. They also have a range of frozen meals to choose from if you don’t want to cook at all. Easy, right?










Help around the home

Looking for additional help around the house can be overwhelming. Services and apps such as SweepSouth certainly make life easier but, if you have never used the service before, how do you even start? How do you easily find someone you are comfortable with in your home? Well, all domestic workers on the SweepSouth platform have been pre-vetted by the company, and anyone wanting to book a domestic worker can read reviews left by other users. You can then choose someone based on their reviews and how others describe dealing with them. This saves you time searching for the right person and puts your mind at ease knowing that you are using the services of some of the best in the business.





Car insurance made easy

We all know car insurance is a must-have, to financially protect us in case something unforeseen happens to our car. But, with the world of insurance a tricky one for most of us to understand, finding the right insurer can feel daunting.

Digitally based car insurer, MiWay Blink’s app makes it convenient for you to sign up to the insurer’s products and, more importantly, when dealing with a tight budget, to use the dynamic pricing aspect while you are toggling the app. This means that you can add extras like car hire, credit shortfall, car extras and change your excess on the app, so that your monthly premium suits your lifestyle and your pocket. Should you go over budget while making your purchase decision, you can adjust features according to the base premium you are presented with before taking up the policy.

The technology is also seamless and quick, reducing the time spent in a sign-up process - which typically would be a long phone call - to around 3-5 minutes









Valets and groomers at your front door

Who has time during the day to take the fur babies to the groomers or the car for a valet service? Not many people, really. Especially those working full-time jobs, with families to also take care of. Consider using mobile solutions, usually booked online, for these services instead. Take a look on your community Facebook group or ask your neighbours for recommendations on these types of services. They’re available almost everywhere right now and, by bringing these services to your front door, they save you heaps of time and effort in the long run.



Famous writer William Penn once quipped: “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” Use the smart services available today to sort out time-consuming chores, so that you have more free time to lead a fuller, more inspiring life!





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