Kreg Accessories For 2021

Kreg launches an all-new range of technically advanced, accessories, for their new 2021 Pocket Hole Jigs the 720PRO, 520PRO and 720 and Cutting Accessories.





Kreg Pocket-Hole Jigs and Cutting Guides to launch in 2021


Announcing the ultimate benchtop setup for the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 520PRO and 720 with all the latest in guided cutting solutions: Custom Plug Cutter, Drill Guide Kits, Docking Stations and Clamps. All these new Kreg products will be introduced to coincide with the launch of the 3 new Pocket-Hole Jigs to work-hand-in-hand with these new jigs and allowing you to improve or upgrade your existing workshop setup.



The Ultimate Benchtop Setup for the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 520PRO and 720

The Kreg® Docking Station expands the capability of the Pocket-Hole Jig 520PRO by increasing storage, extending the integral wings for longer workpieces as well as incorporating a Jig Clamp that can be used to secure the pocket-hole jig to your workbench. The Jig Clamp can also be used with the Pocket-Hole Jig 720 and gives you the capability to turn the 720 or 520 Pocket-Hole Jig into a benchtop jig by securing the jig to a workbench.

The new accessories also include additional storage facilities that allow you to keep all your accessories close at hand inside the material support wings with additional space being made available at the rear of the new clamp.



Pocket-Hole Jig Micro-Pocket™ Drill Guide Kits

The 530 Drill Guide Kit lets you use your Pocket-Hole Jig to create 25% smaller pocket holes. These accessories are ideal for small projects such as 1.2 cm material and narrow stock. The new Kreg Drill Guide Kit is fully compatible with 500 and 700 Series Pocket-Hole Jigs and.








Kreg Guided Cutting Solutions

Kreg understands that many cutting tasks can be a challenge for project builders and have created a solution to crooked
cuts, splintered edges, and inconsistent results. With the introduction of their newest line of guided cutting products, you will be able to make straight, accurate and repeatable cuts with a circular saw – no mitre saw or table saw necessary. The ability to have guided cutting helps you to place a circular saw precisely for exact and easy cutting where you need it.

All the guided cutting solutions are completely portable, making it more convenient to bring the circular saw to the material – rather than carrying heavy sheets or long boards to the saw.

All the new Kreg products bring versatility to any cutting solutions and expand the assortment beyond Rip-Cut™ and Accu-Cut™ as well as the Adaptive Cutting System.


Kreg Portable Crosscut Station



Speed up the cutting process with accuracy using Kreg Guided Cutting

With the Portable Crosscut you can achieve accuracy up to 200mm wide at a precise 45-degree angle using only a circular saw that also offers precision and accuracy with each and every cut. Self-retracting indicators on the cut line indicate exactly where the cut will be performed. Use the Guided Cutting system for 45- and 90-degree accuracy on crosscut boards.

When first starting with your cuts, align the cutting blade of the circular saw to the saw support ledge and then proceed to cut confidently using the GripMaxx™ that will eliminate any slipping. An additional feature lets you work left- or right-blade circular saws with cross-cuts in material up to 200mm wide.


Kreg Portable Crosscut



Get Mitre Saw Quality from your Circular Saw

Combine the cutting ability of a mitre saw with your circular saw with the Kreg Crosscut Station. Achieve precision-guided cutting with cross-cut boards wider than most compound mitre saws can handle (up to 300mm at 90-degrees) with the ability to make a variety of mitre cuts from 0° to 45°, with the Adjustable Fence and moulded-in angle alignments.

You will be able to have splinter-free cuts thanks to an MDF base and the Sure-Cut™ backboard that act as a sacrificial surface. See exactly where your circular saw will cut with a kerf line you cut into the MDF base. Have the ability to be able to cut long pieces accurately and safely with material support wings with infinitely repositionable blocks.

Additional Features are that it works with left- or right-blade circular saws, material Hold-Down Clamps hold securely, anti-slip feet prevent the guide from slipping. This compact design sets up quickly, stores easily. It also includes the Crosscut Station with Guide Rails, plus Built-in Material Hold-Down Clamps and adjustable fence







Perfectly straight cuts in sheet goods with Kreg's Guided Cutting

Be able to cut boards down to size easily using a guide that indicates clearly where you will cut with Kreg's Straight Edge Guide. For cuts up to 122 cm (4 feet), use a circular saw, jigsaw, or trim router to get high-quality results more easily than ever. Sets up quickly with intuitive, low-profile clamping. Cut confidently thanks to GripMaxx™ anti-slip clamps. The ability to position accurately lets you cut perfectly every time with the retractable cutline indicators to achieve straight, precise results simply by cutting along the aluminium guide rail. It works with left- and right-blade circular saws, also available is a 61 cm extension and a 244 cm version is also available but sold separately. Compatible with most jigsaws and trim routers.


Optional accessories include:

Guide Rails of various sizes, Paired Connector Bars, Cutline Indicator Arms and Adjustable GripMaxx™ Clamp. The Straight Edge Guide XL Extension make perfectly straight cuts in full sheets with guided cutting and cuts material up to 244 cm. You can also expand the cutting capacity of your Straight Edge Guide. Using the extension that adds an additional 61 cm.


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