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Smart home security devices, such as video doorbells, Wi-Fi cameras and motion sensors offer advanced protection and peace of mind.






Winter season is upon us and days will become shorter while nights become longer meaning that households will have to grapple with burglars that will want to take advantage of the colder and darker season.

According to data released by Stats SA around the Experience of crime in SA over the 2021/22 period, housebreaking incidents were the most common crime experienced by households in South Africa. Approximately 1.4 million house-breaking incidences occurred with an increase in the percentage of households that reported the incidences to the police increased from 56,1% in 2020/21 to 59,2% in 2021/22.




Stats have also shown two periods during the year where break-in incidences are at peak; December festive season when homeowners have travelled and in the June winter period. The sophisticated way burglaries occur means that homeowners invest in more than just traditional lock and chain security measures to keep their homes safe.



“Everyone wants a level of comfort and security to know that our valued possessions, our pets and even family members are safe and sound, especially inview of the fact that criminal activities have become even more advanced,” says Candace Booysen, Buyer (D.I.Y). “This is just one of the many reasons why Builders have invested in advanced smart home products for South African homeowners to install to monitor and safeguard their homes in real-time and to receive alerts when something suspicious is detected.”





Smart home security devices, such as video doorbells, Wi-Fi cameras and motion sensors offer advanced protection and peace of mind. Here is how these devices help secure your home during this period:



Smart doorbells provide an extra layer of security

Smart doorbells, like the Ezviz DB2 2K battery-powered doorbell and the second-generation Ring Video Doorbell, allow you to monitor your front door in real-time, even when you’re not at home.

With features such as two-way audio communication, advanced motion detection, adjustable motion zones, and high-resolution video streaming, these devices allow you to see potential intruders and providing an extra layer of security.





Smart Wi-Fi cameras for 24/7 surveillance

You no longer require a multi-channel CCTV system to monitor your home when you are not there. Smart Wi-Fi cameras are easy-to-install, simple to operate and allow you to watch over the things you love most from your smartphone.

Wi-Fi cameras like the Ezviz Dark Fighter Bullet IP Camera and Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera offer around-the-clock property surveillance, ensuring you can monitor your home from anywhere, anytime. The Ezviz Dark Fighter uses revolutionary dual-lens colour night vision that records both ambient brightness and colour information, ensuring that the imagery provides unparalleled detail and realistic colour.

The Netatmo, on the other hand, features pet detection and a loud 110Db siren to alert anyone in the vicinity that there is an intruder.





Smart motion sensors for intrusion detection

Motion sensors are following the rapidly moving trend towards wireless options, which means they are no different to Wi-Fi cameras and smart doorbells. Installing them is faster and easier than before, making them an integral part of any home security system. Best of all, they can alert you when they pick up any movement in and around your home, making them a must-have.

Motion sensors like the Yale SR-PETPIR Smart Pet-Friendly PIR Motion Detector and Securityvue SVWMS4 feature customisable sensitivity settings and pet-friendly features, providing targeted protection without unnecessary false alarms.





Smart lighting for automated security

Intelligent home automation systems make life more comfortable and give you the security by helping you deter potential robberies and protect your home from break-ins. Smart lighting options, such as the Litemate LM043, Bneta GU10S, and Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb, can deter potential intruders by creating the impression that someone is home or awake. You can schedule a timer, with the option to remotely control the lighting system from your smartphone for added convenience and comfort.

“Investing in advanced smart home security devices, means that homeowners can ensure the safety of their properties and belongings. Builders has a wide assortment of technology solutions for customers that can be used to enhance their homes in areas of security and lighting to help prevent intruder access in a safe and convenient way. We encourage customers to check out these solutions and find ones tailored to their needs and secure their homes from unwanted burglaries,” concludes Booysen.





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