Don’t let the Burglars Play While You’re Away

If you are going away, keep in mind that it is essential that you ensure your home and belongings are safe and secure while the house is empty




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For the first time since the pandemic began, there is a realistic chance that we may be able to go on a December holiday.

For many homeowners, particularly after the lockdown situation, the idea of being able to leave the house and spend a few days or a week or two at the coast sounds very enticing. But keep in mind that if you are going away it is essential that you ensure your home and belongings are safe and secure while the house is empty.

When it comes down to anything DIY, Builders has put together a list of get it done home security ‘hacks’ to help you make sure that you find your nest in the same condition you left it in this holiday season.

“Keeping your home safe could just take a few simple DIY maintenance measures. Give yourself the maximum peace of mind this festive season, by getting your security in tip-top condition,” says Roshana Burnett, Senior Manager of Integrated Campaigns at Builders




Try this clever hack to secure sliding patio doors. Cut a meranti dowel to fit and lock in place to prevent the door from opening.



family handyman magazine


All Locked Up

Just as you would if you were at home, making sure to have well-secured doors and exits to the home is one of the best ways to keep out unwanted guests. We all have locks on our doors and the like, but they may not always be in the best condition. It is important that locks and safety measures are well maintained to offer the maximum protection and there are a few things that you can DIY to do this. Pop into your nearest Builders store for replacement locks and get your screwdriver ready.

Unscrew the handle on one side and remove the steel inner bar which connects the handle to the lock. Now use your screwdriver to remove the lock from the face of the door so that you can pull it out. Make sure to put the replacement lock in the right way and securing everything back in place. Click here if you prefer a video tutorial on changing or replacing a door lock.

“When work keeps you occupied and there isn't a lot of spare time left over, it can be eqasy to overlook items that require immediate attention and, in most instances, smaller jobs get added on to the "To Do" list. If there is one priority that should always been top of the list it is making sure that the entrances to our homes are well maintained and secure. You never know when a well-functioning door lock could be a life-saving measure,” says Burnett.







Most garage door locks are of inferior quality, so try this hack where you drill a hole along the vertical track to lock the door in place with a strong padlock.



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Light up the perimeter of a property with motion-sensor outdoor lights.




Light Up:

Outdoor lighting is a great way to get rid of any dark corners criminals may think about hiding in. So, before you leave, do a quick overhaul of your outdoor lighting situation. Should you decide you need some changes, each of these options are readily available and easy to install:


• Motion sensing lights

Motion sensing lights are fitted with a sensor that immediately detects movement. Two bright bulbs on either side of this type of fitting automatically switch on as a result of the built-in motion sensor. These lights usually have three different settings (light, lux and time) to suit the environment. Make sure you check the IP-rating of the light that is a protection code that classifies the degree of protection against dust and moisture/water.


• LED lights

LED lights are very low wattage and, therefore, use very little power for the amount of light they give off. This allows you to leave the lights on all night.


• Softer lighting

If you are looking for a softer light source you can install CFL globes. These globes also come with a built-in motion sensor and can be installed the way one would install an indoor globe. As a safety precaution or to add another level of safety to your existing home security, consider purchasing the Magneto Solar Home Lighting System. This unit charges both via solar energy and by AC cable and, once charged, it has three light settings, charges mobile phones and can keep an area illuminated for 18 on one charge.


• Emergency lighting

Should you need emergency lighting in the event of load shedding or power outage, take a look at the Eurolux Emergency Bulb Solar Light. This exterior light bulb stores solar energy in case of an emergency like loadshedding.





Bar None:

One priority safe measure is to have burglar bars and security gates installed. This provides a level of security that gives you peace of mind and keeps your insurance premiums low. But it is important that you select the right burglar bars or security gates for a particular situation. Here are some things to consider when picking a set:

• Determining whether windows open inwards or outwards will determine the type and style of security bars.

• Think about the design and shape of your windows as well.

• It is also crucial to keep in mind which way the latches open.



Load shedding is here for the future and for who knows how long so, before you head off to spend a few weeks away from home, so you need to keep in mind that loadshedding is our new normal. Take steps to put contingencies in place. If possible, get someone to swing by and periodically check on your home.




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