Have Timber And Board Cut To Any Size Or Shape

Good news for DIY enthusiasts in the Randburg/Roodepoort area, now you can have your timber and board cut to size and have it delivered to your door.





If there is one thing that is frustrating about getting involved in DIY, at least for beginner DIY enthusiasts, it is the ability to have materials cut to size, especially in small quantities. I know that most larger hardware stores and timber merchants offer cutting services, but they certainly don't cater for small individuals. I know of many DIY enthusiasts who would love to have a reputable supplier who can cut everything to size perfectly and even do cut-outs and curved pieces. The good news is that now you can if you live in the Roodepoort / Randburg area.


Jason and Lara Leech of Timbershelf now offer DIY enthusiasts the opportunity to have small or large projects cut to size. Not only that, they are also prepared to do cut-outs in materials, say for example when you need an opening cut in a countertop for a hob or sink, etc. That's excellent news for DIY enthusiasts who want to do their own home improvement projects but don't have the space or facilities to use cutting tools. Now you don't need to order an entire sheet for a small project - just order what you need and have it delivered (within their delivery range).







I know of no other supplier that will cut shapes, cut-outs and curves on request.



There are many DIY enthusiasts that live in a townhouse development or estate that does not allow them to set up a cutting or sanding station and now they can order all the materials they need for a specific project cut and shaped to size.







Jason's experience in furniture manufacturing and design also means that he can offer advice on larger home DIY projects if needed. I have been making use of their services for the past year and pleased with their friendly customer service, after-sales support and assistance. All piece ordered are cut to size and wrapped for delivery and it is the first time ever that I have never had any mistakes with cutting sizes. They have even been prepared to work through the night to get a job done quickly!




If you live in an area that has no space for a cutting station or don't have the tools to do it yourself, Timbershelf will do cut-outs in laminate countertops and worktops.



What is nice about dealing with Jason and Lara at Timbershelf is the fact that I don't have to wait in a queue for days to have materials cut to size. They supply a range of Chipboard and SupaWood boards in various thicknesses and will cut to any size and shape.

Conveniently located in Honeydew, Timbershelf is your go-to supplier if you are making your own furniture using 3mm, 6mm, 9,, 12mm or 16mm SupaWood. They also supply a selection of Melawood boards and offcuts for your projects.



If you only have a small project and don't want to go to the expense of buying a complete sheet - let Timbershelf do it for you.



Contact Jason or Lara Leech at Timbershelf on 084 550 6011 or 072 749 5353 or via email at sales@timbershelf.co.za or lara@timbershelf.co.za .





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