Celebrate and You Might Win a Powerful 3KW Inverter!

As a way of thanking clients for their support over the years, Talisman Hire has 30 3KW Inverters up for grabs!






Why tool hire is a good idea

As we move towards spring and, on the Highveld the rainy season, it will not be long before we have to get stuck into cleaning up the garden and home maintenance. There may also be the possibility that you are looking to do a few improvements in and around the home or certain areas may need an overhaul for spring. Whatever the reason, you are not going to want to spend your hard-earned money on buying tools you might only use once or twice.



Tool hire has been around for decades and serves as a valuable service for both small to large companies and homeowners who do not have the tools necessary to undertake certain jobs. It is a way to bring home tools you only need for a limited amount of time and not ones that you need to invest in. Hiring tools also gives you access to the latest tools and equipment and enables you to hire the right tool for the job. With tool hire you do not need to worry about breakdowns and repairs as you can quite easily take the tool back and exchange it and this also frees you from any responsibility for tool maintenance or when a specific tool reaches the end of its lifespan.







Here is an opportunity to take home a Talisman 3KW Inverter valued at R30.000 - 30 Inverters up for grabs!





How to win a Talisman 3KW inverter to the value of R30,000

Talisman Hire has 30 inverters up for grabs. These 3KW inverters are valued at R30,000 each and are on offer as part of Talisman Hire's 30th Birthday Celebration. These 3KW inverters can be used during load shedding or power outages to power essential appliances and electronics in the home including lights, TV, computers and laptops, hairdryers and other hair care appliances, certain medical equipment and even power tools that do not have a high wattage rating.









Replacing lead acid batteries, the lithium-ion battery is one that can be charged multiple times (or cycles) and is designed for use as a power source for electronic devices and electric vehicles. With increased load shedding, conventional lead acid batteries cannot meet the constant stage cycling of load shedding, leaving homeowners in the dark!



Each 3KW inverter incorporates a 120ah Lithium battery that provides you with 3,000W of power at your disposal over a 4000+ cycle rate (at 80%). The Plug & Play system means that it is easy to use and requires no complicated installation processes. And the added benefit is that the 3KW inverters are solar-ready!





So how do you get in line to win one of these inverters... Easy! Hire any tool for Talisman Hire from now until 30 September 2023 and complete the entry form by adding a unique customer code, invoice number and the place of hire - must be within the Talisman franchise.



With tool hire you can hire what you need for as long as you need it. With the right tools and equipment jobs get done faster - like a pro!






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