How To Get Properly Compensated When Selling An Old House

Here are a few methods of getting properly compensated when selling an older home.


Selling a home can come with its own challenges in any situation. Seeing the value out of your older home can sometimes feel like a hassle. You know your homes worth, and you want to be paid fairly for it, and there's nothing wrong with that. This will ring especially true if you've put time and effort into maintaining the quality of your home, just because it's older doesn't necessarily mean it's worth should be sent into a downward spiral. So here are a few methods of getting properly compensated when selling an older home.

Do You Need Repairs?

Depending on the age of your home, and the current quality, repairs can get tediously expensive. So if you do have to make repairs on your home, triage the importance of the repair. Make a mental list of the repairs that need to be done, and then ask yourself if they're essential to the working operation of the residence. Anything that is absolutely essential should be the first on your to do list, they're going to be of the most importance to those looking to purchase the property as well. Of course, if you've already made the necessary repairs to your home and you're looking to sell, you won't need to worry about this.

Sometimes It’s Best to Sell “As-is”

If you're just looking to sell your home and either don't want to, or can't invest the finances required into repairs (who could blame you?). You could always look into selling your home as-is. This way you don't need to expend the large resources required for repairs, but you're not hiding anything from buyers either. Advice on selling as-is quickly is helpful if you're looking to get it accomplished as fast as possible. An expert opinion on selling a house this way will give you ideas on how to accomplish this task more effectively. In order to avoid getting undercut on the value of your home, you’ll want and need to hear what professionals would say about it first.

Enhance that Curb-Side Appeal

Even if your home is a tad on the old side, it doesn't mean you can't make it look fantastic to viewers. Cleaning up the yard and generating some curbside appeal is going to do wonders to potential buyers. If your home looks like it's in a quaint put-together yard, instead of scraggly bushes and dead grass you're going to be able to real viewers in. Cleaning up the exterior of the property doesn't necessarily mean you're going to generate any increase in costs either, just a few labor hours of doing the touch-ups might do wonders.

Traditional Methods of Selling

Your home might be a fixer-upper due to its age and that's not always a bad thing to some buyers. Those looking to purchase their first house might be especially inclined to look at your house. But you can always get really good at using some methods that are used in all home selling experiences. Clean up the space in the rooms of your home, de-personalize it as much as possible. The less it looks like someone else lives there, and the roomier it is, the easier it will be for someone to mentally imagine themselves moving into the residence. Clearing up all the clutter and creating empty space is a good thing, it allows room for the viewer to place their imaginary home in their mind.

Never Say No To Warranty

Purchasing a home warranty is going to be extremely attractive to buyers, especially when considering purchasing an older home. If you're purchasing a warranty for must-have appliances and systems, new homeowners aren't going to need to worry about investing in large expenses within their first year of purchase. Most of the services that offer warranties are going to cover these appliances and systems, before, during and after closing. So there won't be a worry that the buyer won't be covered by this warranty. The last thing they want to worry about is the heating system potentially breaking down and having to cover the cost of repairs, as well as the other upkeep on an older residence.

Your home means something to you, and you want to get the value that you feel it's worth. And while there might be some problems with an older home, that doesn't mean it's value needs to decrease drastically. Prioritizing the repairs that you can manage to get done is a must, don't spend money on a new carpet if there's some serious issues with the plumbing. Clean up the yard if you're not one of those people who has those fantastic gardens (I think most of us aren't), and pick up a warranty on systems that will reassure the buyer they won't need to drop huge expenses within their first year of purchase. Follow through with the traditional methods of making a home's appeal to buyers and you'll get the value out of your property.



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