How to Identify a Good Apple MacBook Repair Store

There are many places to get Apple MacBook repair in Cape Town, however, few have what it takes to fix these machines.


Quantifying the feeling of excitement is somewhat tricky, yet every exciting sensation is unique in its own way. At a particular point in your life, you must have experienced the zest that comes when you buy a new gadget. For the next couple of months after purchase, your gizmo gets the attention of a newborn. One of the pleasant parts about the whole shopping process is unboxing; or better still, the unboxing fever. Although subtle, that moment before you unpack your new product is one of the most notable ones. And when your new toy is finally out of the box, you’re rewarded with the redolence of your new product which is always a great recompense for the money you’ve paid.

Like any other piece of equipment, repairs are surely inevitable even for your new device. With top tier gadgets such as Apple products, you wouldn’t want to gamble with your machine when it requires some repair work. There are very many places to get Apple MacBook repair in Cape Town, however, very few repair shops have what it takes to fix those machines. Many innocent customers have suffered in the hands of quacks. To help you navigate the restoration path of your device in the event of a misfortune, here’s an outline that’ll guide you in times of need.

Nature of Repairs

Repairs can be broadly divided into two, simple and complex repairs. Just as the names suggest, simple repairs are servicing done to machines that don’t have extensive damage to them; these include missing keys, broken ports, surface scratches, and software issues. Complex repairs are a different story. These are the kinds that might leave a dent in your pocket besides driving you nuts for a while. They include spills, broken hardware parts, screen issues among others.

Picking the Right Store

If you’ve ever suffered in the hands of fake spares and unscrupulous technicians, then you’ll learn to respect and value the term bona fide and everything attached to it. If you happen to be in Cape Town, one of the most reputable repair shops is Powerbite Sea Point. The store does services on a range of MacBook products including Apple MacBook Air, Apple MacBook Retina, and Apple MacBook Pro as well as fixing iPhone products. So, what makes a store a trusted and reputable?

Professional Staff

How good a repair shop is will be determined by the expertise of the technicians in the store. Many stores have warm bodies, but certainly, not all have a qualified team. To fully identify a genuine store, you’ll always find some form of certification display on the walls. Trustworthy stores are always proud of their status; thus, you’ll locate multiple certifications and accolades arrayed on the wall. Close to certification is the dealership.

Operating a dealership is similar to franchising; therefore, a lot of things are always put into consideration before any licenses are issued. Dealerships are some of the best places to find help when you need repairs.

Years in Business

Servicing stores that have been operational for a long time tend to deliver more dependable aid. Always make a point of finding out the age of a repair store. It’s almost given you’ll enjoy the services of a mature business.


Warranties speak volumes about the manufacturer or the entity offering them. They grant a sense of security and assurance to the customer. Repair stores that are proud of their services will always give you a warranty on the spare parts they’ve sold to you.

Customer reviews

It’s considered one of the most reliable ways of finding solid information about a product. Customer reviews are always a direct reflection of the customer’s heart. You can get details such as where to find the experts, how long services take, deals, customer services, and a lot more.

Spare Part Inventory

It takes a lot of funds to operate a great successful repair shop. Another way to differentiate an earnest service shop from an average one is the amount of inventory the shop stocks. A store that rarely lacks spare parts communicates reliability to customers. Even though inventory isn’t that much of a factor, it still carries some weight considering the little things that always count when separating the good from the great.



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