It's Child's Play! - How to make Mother’s Day Memorable

Here Are 5 Tips To Making Mother’s Day Memorable.





When Mother's Day comes around, loving feelings and happy memories are the special ingredients that make Mother's Day one to remember These are the essential invisible and invaluable components for any recipe for this special day where nostalgia is lovingly combined into a special treat for mom - ingredients so carefully thought of that it only takes the warm smell of cinnamon and nutmeg gently wafting through the house to fill you with the love of a carefree child gazing at your mom in expectant adoration as she flips the pancakes for Sunday breakfast.

We turned to Grace Stevens, a well known confectioner extraordinaire, cookbook author and TV chef, for her top tips on how to make Mother's Day a memorable experience. After all, Grace is a mom to four and this year marks her 19th year as a mom, so she has more than a few ways to make delicious and lasting memories for Mother’s Day.


Grace offers her advice on how you can make Mother's Day a memorable one:


Pass the word around

Since most everyone in the family needs a reminder now and again, don't let them forget about Mother's Day. Whisper hints to the children that dad needs to make sure to get all the ingredients needed for the perfect Mother's Day gift. 

Young children have a tendency to become a little anxious when it comes to gift-giving and it is important that you alleviate this with whispered communication. Mother's Day provides a wonderful opportunity to teach children how to not only appreciate and acknowledge mom on Mother's Day, but also to celebrate the role each individual plays in the family. A special, personal celebration is also a way of teaching young ones how to better express their emotions.


Keep It Simple

Mother's Day isn't about expensive gifts rather it should focus on what Mother’s Day is truly about. It's all about mindful gifts given made love - like making a special card for your mom and baking her favourite cake and cleaning up afterwards. 


Give Treasures

A special gift that is made with love is worth more than anything you can buy, treasured gifts that mean more than words and become memories that remain forever. When your children leave home to make their own way in the world, you will always have those memorable gifts to bring forth special thoughts of days gone by.







Get Together...Even if you are far apart

The Internet provides families with a way to connect and shorten the distance between long-distance families. It is also a way to sign up for an online course with your mom on something she loves. The introduction of Zoom lets you know that someone you love is just a click away, a click that connects you instantly. There are many ways to come together, and in my experience making delicious, beautiful treats together to munch when the class is over, is the sweetest way to spend time.



Grace offers a selection of memorable treats for Mother's Day:



• Scones

Scones are a wonderful treat and can be served as a breakfast or an afternoon tea, especially if you have grannies and aunties visiting on Mother's Day. They are also a gift that you can drop off if you can't spend the day. For small children, they are quick, easy, and tactile to make, which makes them super fun. And they bake quickly so no patience required.

What's nice about scones is that you can fill them with your favourite filling, whether it's a delicious homemade jam or cheese and cream. Click here for Grace's scone recipe.



• Chocolate mousse

Light and fluffy and a delicious treat, chocolate mousse can be made ahead of time which is great when a busy hubby is helping the children. Gather together all the ingredients to make over a weekend and take it out of the fridge on the day. This is a great recipe for teenagers to make and gives them an opportunity to be creative with cooking skills and put their personal mark on a delicious dessert. Click here for Grace's Chocolate Mousse recipe.








• Carrot cake

Carrot cake is a popular favourite and one that is easy to make. Even after a day or two, carrot cake stays nice and moist and is even better after a day or two when the flavours have had a chance to mingle. Click here for Grace's Carrot Cake recipe


Mother’s Day is all about taking the time to openly cherish the memories you have with your mom and making the time to create new ones - whether you are young or old. This Mother’s Day let the whole family celebrate and enjoy making delicious memories.

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