Lighting – A Powerful Way to Improve Security

Security is a priority in South Africa - our crime stats don’t make for pleasant reading and the LightStore can assist by providing cost-effective and hassle-free products to enhance your overall security.






“Criminals, in many cases, rely on the cover of darkness.” Security and general lighting, when correctly utilized, can deter would-be criminals from identifying your home, complex, or business as a potential target. Statistics show that well-lit premises can deter criminals as they generally prefer “easier” and less “risky” targets.



A question we often get asked is: “What type of light fittings should I be buying to improve my home or business’s security?” There is no real straightforward answer as individual properties and facilities each have unique needs. However, as a rule of thumb, make use of suitably powered exterior LED floodlights to illuminate the perimeter and key areas. Load shedding does complicate things and consideration should be given to solar flood lights and other solar or rechargeable light fittings as these continue to function during power outages.





Security and general outdoor lighting should be strategically positioned to provide the maximum light spread to cover key areas. One can make use of timers or motion sensors that will activate the lights when motion is detected. These motion sensors also cater to individual settings such as how long the lights remain on, sensitivity to movement, etc. Priority areas typically include the property’s perimeter walls and fencing, doors and windows, parking spaces, and any other areas where vulnerabilities exist. In most emergencies the more lighting the better. Lighting should also be incorporated into your CCTV design to ensure that the CCTV system has sufficient lighting to operate and record clear footage. Avoid installing lighting where glare will be an issue for the CCTV cameras.



The following basic principles apply when selecting and installing security lighting: light fittings must be of good quality and reliable at all times. Make use of fittings with the correct wattage and beam angle to effectively cover the required areas. LED fittings should be used to ensure efficiency and as far as possible, light fittings should remain functional during power outages. Effective security lighting will also assist security guards, armed response officers and emergency services in the event of an emergency.







Don’t wait till it’s too late. Speak to a lighting professional and improve your security with effective and efficient lighting. LightStore can assist with lighting recommendations and solutions for residential properties, estates, and complexes, industrial and commercial facilities, schools, etc.




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