Making the most of your commute? Step up your comfort with a new ride

In this article, we discuss affordable second-hand options that can provide as much comfort as a new set of wheels.


We spend most of our days on the road. Either we’re going to work, running errands or exploring the city over the weekends. It’s clear that we spend a large part of our lives on the road, so it makes sense why you’ll need a comfy ride.

And, although you can listen to your favourite music, podcast or audiobook, part of the enjoyment comes from loving the drive. And, when we say “love”, we’re not only talking about how the vehicle looks from the outside. One of the things you need to look for when buying a car is the comfort it provides you. Whether you can afford a new vehicle now or not, carry on reading. This article will be as helpful as it is now, in the future. And, there are affordable second-hand options that can provide as much comfort as a new set of wheels.


Here are a few tips in what you need to look out for:

● Automatic cars are a better alternative for those stuck in traffic every morning on the way to work. It’s convenient to have two driving pedals as it makes the commute simpler as it is easier on the clutch, consumes less fuel, is more reliable and less sensitive to driver abuse.

● Hybrids are great for commuting. They conserve fuel, you won’t have to worry about your vehicle guzzling fuel when you’re on the road.

● Find a vehicle with a powerful engine because it can accelerate quicker, reach a high speed, and with new models with a turbocharged, you don’t have to worry about your engine consuming a large amount of petrol as they do specialise in fuel economy. , not just for the feel of having a powerful engine but for safety precautions.

Now, let's get into our top four commutes you should buy.







Honda Civic

Honda didn’t lie when they said that the Honda Civic is perfection redefined. The Honda Civic is a beautiful commute that has a sleek exterior design.

The design took a few pointers from a few of the world's most luxurious coupes. You can see the elements when you take a look at the car. For example, the gradual slope and drop down of the roofline, the contoured wheel arches that frame the alloy wheels. The Civic has a dynamic range of LED Daytime Running Lights that give the car a whole new look.

But, apart from its exterior, this vehicle offers you the most enjoyable commute. It has the best fuel economy and is suitable for city and rugged terrain driving. And, the vehicle has a spacious cabin making the whole experience more worthwhile. Newer models offer additional accessories like Bluetooth, automatic climate control, blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control.

This is an ideal car for someone who is looking for a budget-friendly vehicle which offers you the ultimate comfort. And, to cut costs further, you can opt for a second-hand. There are many used cars for sale on an online website that will offer you the best deal.







Honda Accord

It’s safe to say that we have a soft spot for Honda. But, we couldn’t complete this list without mentioning the Accord. The Honda Accord will give you a truly satisfying driving experience.

This sedan has a few hidden gems. For starters, you're guaranteed plenty of power, yet still offering a smooth and efficient ride. This Honda also has great handling capabilities, but that's no surprise for Honda. Another perk is that the Accord has sporty handling to it. It knows how to remain stable and grounded on any road or in any situation, and it has one of the best handling capabilities for a sedan.

If you're concerned about space, especially with a sedan, don't be. Among car experts, the Accord's seen as a full-size sedan and by the looks of things they’re right. Honda has enough legroom to make the driver, front and back passenger sit comfortably. This can be difficult to find, especially in sedans. So, if you’re looking for space and comfort, then the Accord's made for you. The Honda Accord is also fuel-efficient, an enjoyable ride for those who drive in the city. And it has the latest commuter-friendly features. It has hands-free audio controls, touchscreen infotainment centre, automatic climate control, adaptive cruise control.

Ford Escape

According to Ford, the Ford Escape was redesigned, engineered and built for the road. And, that's exactly the type of car you need for commuting. But several things make the Ford Escape so popular. It has responsive handling, and it’s a smooth ride that offers a quiet and comfortable cabin. More importantly, Ford has a streamlined interior and exterior with all the right modern features every commuter will love.

As a driver, you can enjoy the feeling of having more power without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Along with its turbocharge Escape which is a turbocharge sold by a third party to Ford and is installed into your Escape. The newer models are equipped with accessories like Bluetooth, power outlet for cellphones and tablets, power accessories, a warning system for collision, and blind-spot mirrors.







Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke may seem small for an SUV, but it is a good drive, and it corners like a dream. It’s unique design isn’t the only thing that stands out. It has a peppy engine that’s fuel-efficient for an SUV; sharp handling and a sporty suspension. And, although it's a rather petite SUV, it’s spacious and has comfortable seats, perfectly designed for car enthusiasts like you. Like all modern vehicles, the Juke comes with a Bluetooth, hands-free texting assistant, parking assist systems and driver warning systems.

Final thoughts

Although these aren’t the only vehicles in the market. These are the top four that we feel strongly about. And, we're sure that they’ll make your daily commute worthwhile.

Always bear in mind that the vehicle you choose needs to offer the following:

● Comfort and space, especially for the driver. Feeling cramped won’t make your daily commute pleasant.
● Needs to be fuel-efficient because petrol is expensive. And if you can find ways to cut back on the cost, then you should.
● It needs to have modern technology to ensure you’re well-equipped for the road, that improves your safety and lets you drive at ease.

And, at the end of the day, it doesn’t need to be a luxury car. It needs to feel right for you and your lifestyle. So, you can feel peace of mind whenever you’re on the road.




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