Secure Your Home During Load Shedding

Is your home secure during load shedding? Is your battery-backup system in working order and fully charged?


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South African homeowners with home security systems installed, need to ensure that the battery-backup system is operational and fully charged in the event of load shedding. It is an unfortunate fact that load shedding may be with us for quite some time, and in the interest of your home and family's security, it is imperative that your alarm system, cameras and related security equipment be 100% operational when the power goes out.

Check that the system is activated during load shedding

Fidelity ADS, A local security organisation, urges those with home security systems to check that the system is activated in the event of load shedding. Too many homeowners believe that when the power goes off, so does their home security system. This, in fact, is not the case. While the power supply may be interrupted, your security system should automatically switch over to battery backup.

Nowadays, most home security systems are installed with a battery backup in the event of power outages and load shedding. This means that your home and family are still secured - providing the battery-backup is fully charged.

Regularly check battery-backup

It is in your interests to regularly do a test to ensure that the battery-backup is operational and that it switches on in the event of interrupted power, whether due to power outage or load shedding. If the battery is not charging fully, or there is a technical issue, you should immediately advise the security company and replace the battery.

Don't put your home and family at risk due to power outages or load shedding - take the necessary action to ensure your home security system is fully operational.


Security Check List

Fidelity ADT has provided a practical step-by-step checklist that you can use to ensure that your home and family is always secure:

1. Always ensure that your alarm system battery-backup is fully functional and check the batteries regularly.

2. Investing in an additional battery pack is recommended when there is a situation of ongoing or repeated power outages.

3. Where rolling load shedding occurs, regular monitoring of your alarm system and battery backup. When there are instances of repeated load shedding batteries can quickly be depleted of power, and a faulty battery may no longer function as it should.

4. A constant state of awareness during power outages or load shedding is advised. Close unprotected windows and lock all entry/exit doors. If you see any suspicious activity, report this to your security company or SAPS.

5. With repeated power outages a homeowner should look at installing LED technology that can be integrated into your home security system, and this automatically switches on for a maximum of 15 minutes when the power is interrupted. This allows you to get organised and prepare your home and your family.

6. In the event of false alarms due to low or high voltage power supply, clear these immediately with your security company so that they may focus more on calls requiring urgent assistance.

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