Action Can FR-90 Freeze Releasing Penetrating Oil

The leading international rust treatment from Action Can FR-90 Freeze Releasing Penetrating Oil.






A proven, tried, and tested formula and for solving all rust problems - Action Can FR-90 is highly recommended for all coastal regions and is a specially developed advanced penetrating oil that shocks rust down to minus -40˚C, creating micro-cracks, allowing the lubricants to penetrate quickly for rapid fastener removal.



The silicone-free formula of Action Can FR-90 is safe for use on all metal surfaces without staining, it is good for most plastics, paint, and rubber coatings.







Action Can FR-90 is used to release seized parts, rusted nuts and bolts, valves, heating pumps, immersion heaters and fused parts. If you are stuck with threads, studs, sleeves or mounts that are not prepared to budge, FR-90 Freeze Release is the solution. Stubborn rusted bolts and nuts don’t stand a chance.





Perfect for all trades: service industry, engineering, automotive, agriculture, construction, mining, marine, DIYers and homeowners. A total rust problem solver and must have for your toolbox. Highly recommended for all coastal regions.



The unique spray container allows full 360-degree flow that lets you spray at any angle and gives rapid penetration for easy clean-up and removal.




Action Can manufactures a wide range of products via VermontSales to cater for multiple market sectors







About Action Can

Action Can manufacture a wide selection of products backed by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations and have been manufacturing a trusted range for over 50 years, providing a true demonstration of their commitment to research, development, and manufacturing quality standards.



All products are manufactured to meet the exacting requirements of professional engineers. The Action Can range provides a product for every application - a product that has proven performance and is backed by stringent quality control measures. Action Can are a recognized brand of professional-grade range of products that provide first-time results - every time.





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Action Can AC-90

Well known for its ability to displace water and put a stop to damp-induced faults, AC-90 also lubricates all moving parts for smooth and effective operation. AC-90 has rapid penetration to release seized components and provides excellent protection against corrosion. This product does not contain silicone.

AC-90 can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including rubber, vinyl, metal and most plastics, as well as painted finishes where you need to remove grease or grime.

AC-90 is also available as a food grade multi-purpose lubricant that is used in the beverage and food industries to lubricate moving parts and seized components.



Action Can SC-90 Stainless Steel Cleaner

Specifically designed to clean stainless steel surfaces, as well as chrome plated items, powder-coated finishes and aluminium this product has the ability to cling to vertical finishes making it the ideal cleaner for home use for appliances such as refrigerators, fridge/freezer combinations and other stainless steel appliances or finishes.

Use to keep appliances or counters clean from fingerprints, grease or grime and to provide a finish that repels dust attraction. SC-90 is safe for used in the beverage and food industries.



Action Can Supertrol

Protect anything from rust with Supertrol. This heavy-duty product displaces atmospheric and surface moisture and has a penetrating coating that gives coverage and long-term protection. Supertrol can be used to protect machinery and equipment, particularly between production cycles or when in long-term storage.



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