WORX - The Complete One-Stop Solution for Cordless Power

The WORX range of cordless tools comprises over one hundred 20-Volt cordless power tools - all using the same batteries and chargers.






WORX - The complete One-Stop solution for powerful 20-Volt technically advanced cordless power tools for farmers, plot and homeowners, gardeners, workshops, and developments.



“There is a tool for every job in the WORX range that is now available in South Africa,” said Ryan Hunt for WORX. “The range of tool and garden cordless tools is by far the most comprehensive in South Africa today and continues to increase month and month. So popular is the WORX range of cordless tools that not even the lockdown was able to slow sales growth and drive. The brand looked for the gap for their new innovative tools. Introducing tools and garden equipment with innovation not seen yet in this country, which impressed the trade, retailers, and end-users. No other brand has grown and established itself as quickly like they have,” said Hunt.


Since WORX was introduced in South Africa by Vermont Sales, they have grown their cordless range to a massive 100 products, with new and upgraded products being launched monthly by the factory. The comprehensive range of WORX cordless power tools answers all your needs for outdoor/garden clean up as well as the maintenance market and offers everything you will ever need in the workplace, workshop, or factory.







WORX 34cm Garden Mower and Edge Trimmer WG779E / WG157E

powered by WORX Power Share 20 Volt battery





Take your outdoor maintenance to the max with WORX 20-V Power Share technology - full power without cords



All WORX cordless tools incorporate Power-Share interchangeable batteries and chargers, driven by the latest 20 Volt Max lithium-ion batteries with battery pack that ranges from 2.0 Ah, 4.0Ah  to 6.0Ah and the tools are fitted with powerful long-lasting brushless motors.



All the WORX products include the latest features, like maximum power, fast battery chargers, PowerShare batteries, brushless motors, and innovative designs to let you work more professionally and faster. The international brand WORX’s is one of the first companies to successfully go with a more powerful 20-Volt, Li-ion battery for all their cordless machines. For those looking for a little extra, the 8.0Ah is due for release in early 2022.







WORX Leafjet Brushless Garden Blower makes easy work of garden cleanup





WORX Hydroshot 22 bar 120L/h Pressure Cleaner - 100% portability





WORX also has a range of single and double-quick chargers. Plus, the feature of the new Li-ion LED battery indicator which keeps you informed on how much charge you have left. The Brushless motor is extremely efficient, having fewer moving parts, extending the life of the tool, and offering a longer runtime.



The most extensive comprehensive range of Lawnmowers, trimmers, blowers, power washers, the largest range of cutting equipment and saws, sprayers, garden barrows. Along with the vast selection of power tools. Never has one brand offered such an extensive range of unique, innovative quality and affordable cordless tools.



To view the full range of WORX products available and see the videos go to www.worxtools.co.za





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