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How to use Mirrors in the Home for Best Effect

Mirrors remain an essential component of interior design and there are plenty of ways to use mirrors of any shape or size to your advantage.




Mirror, mirror on the wall, which home is the fairest of them all? Mirrors are not just for checking yourself out when leaving home, they can do wonders for a room as either an artful wall decoration, a statement piece, or even a focal point, but mirrors, as a whole, can also be used to introduce light into a dull room, brightness into a room lacking in life, or give the illusion of a greater space in a small home. We collated some of the best advice on the web to bring you an article that will provide you with inspiration and ideas to use in your own home.



What Size Should a Mirror Be?

Before considering the size of a mirror, you need to think about the purpose you want it to serve. A mirror for purely decorative purposes should be exactly that, decorative, while a mirror that is used to brighten up a dark room needs to be larger to maximise on its purpose. The same can be said if you want a mirror that visually opens up a room, in fact, in this case the larger the better.









Take advantage of a high ceiling by mounting mirrors from floor to ceiling for dramatic impact.



When you browse through interior designer dressed homes, you will note that many designers use mirrors that almost fill an entire wall in order to create the illusion of a much larger space. Keep this in mind when shopping for a mirror or mirrors for your home.



Collection of Mirrors

A large mirror, particularly one that already has a decorative frame, could cost you a fair bit of money, which is why it is probably better to look at using a collection of smaller mirrors. This way, you don't have to fork out a large amount for a single mirror but can buy smaller mirrors that you like as and when you can afford to and slowly build up a collection yourself. Start off with a mirror that sets the tone for the mirror wall and then select a similar style of mirrors that will surround this. Then again, if you are going for an eclectic vibe or Boho chic, a collection of mismatched, vintage, or second-hand mirrors will do the trick just as well.







Having done a search on online shopping, I was pleasantly surprised to find a great selection of decorative mirrors that would look great in any style of home. While some of the mirrors cost a bit more than one would expect, there are also quite a lot that is value for money.  These mirrors are available at Takealot, Leroy Merlin and Builders. Take a look at just a few of the mirrors, large and small, from which you can select your favourite.





Where to Hang the Mirrors

Where to hang mirrors depends on what you want to achieve. To make a room appear visually larger by fooling the eye, you will want a decent-sized mirror - the larger the better - that will have the right effect that you want to achieve. Once you have the perfect mirror, you then need to determine the best position for maximum effect.



For a rental home, not all mirrors need to be mounted onto a wall. There are plenty of freestanding alternatives.



• To increase the brightness level in a room

For this, you should hang a mirror opposite a window so that it bounces reflected light around the room. If you are hanging the mirror in a long hallway or passageway where there are no windows to reflect light, placing the mirror at the end of the passage will pick up any light from the entrance to make it appear visually larger and more open.



The orientation of a room determines how much light it receives during the day. For added brightness use mirrors to reflect light around the room, or in this case a hallway.



In this cosy dining nook, a wall of arched mirrors not only bounces light from a window on the opposite side of the room, but also fool the eye into thinking the room is larger than it is.







• To create the illusion of more space

If your goal is to create an optical illusion and make any space feel more expansive, you will need a large mirror and, again, the bigger the better. Lots of smaller mirrors simply do not create the same effect as large ones as they break up the imagery and it doesn't fool the eye. In the past, mirror tiles would be placed on a wall to both reflect light and make a room feel larger, but nowadays designers prefer to opt for a more decorative touch with a large frame mirror. What's nice about this is that you can select a framed mirror that brings a touch of glamour to any room or one that blends harmoniously with your style of decorating. You can also add more mirrors as and when you can afford to.



A more modern take on a wall of mirrors is to mount individual mirrors on the wall to resemble a gallery wall. This look is both modern and contemporary.



• A decorative feature

Mirrors are available in all shapes and sizes, styles and colours and it is even trendy to mix this all up and have an eclectic gallery of mirrors on a wall. Of course, if you are simply wanting to add a bit of 'WOW' factor to a room, a single stunning mirror will do the trick just as well.



Lifespace Antique Gold Quatrefoil Oval Accent Wall Mirror @ R1 999 Leroy Merlin



A wall of decorative mirrors with gold, copper and brass frames brings a touch of elegance to an otherwise plain brown wall.





Decorative and practical, a mirror in the hallway not only looks good but also reflects light from the window opposite and lightens the space.



A custom mirror instantly adds drama and 'WOW' factor to a blank wall at the entrance to a home.





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