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Make your own chevron wall art

Here's an inexpensive way to make your own chevron wall art using wood stain and metallic paint and half a sheet of 9mm or 12mm pine plywood. You can buy pine plywood at your local Builders Warehouse, or substitute with laminated pine.

You can have the plywood or pine cut to the size of artwork that you want for the wall. For high impact go with a size of about 50cm x 80cm.

Use Woodoc gel stain in your choice of tint to stain the plywood or pine. For this project imbuia wood stain was used. Draw diagonal lines from corner to corner to find the centre of each board and then double check with a tape measure.





Working from the diagonal marks, start to apply masking tape to cover up the areas not being painted.

Space each row of tape at a distance of 2cm apart from each other. Use a craft knife to cut the edges where the tape connects at the centre.

Continue to apply masking tape until the entire board is covered. Run you fingertip over the edges of the tape to make sure it is firmly pressed down onto the board.

Use a foam applicator to apply metallic craft paint over the area not covered by masking tape. Depending on the quality of metallic paint you may need to apply two coats.

Attach a picture hanger at the back of each board - place at the centre and at about 2cm from the top of the board. If you are using 9mm plywood you can attach the hanger using 5-minute epoxy glue.


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