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Ways to display art and photographs

When it comes to hanging pictures or artwork I am never quite sure what is right and what is wrong. Sure, the experts provide us with guidelines on where to hang it and what hooks, etc., to use, but at the end of the day I want to know what will look good on my wall.


With this is mind I put together a collection of ideas and ways to hang art, collectibles and photographs, so that you have a visual reference for your next project.

One leading authority that display a lot of savvy when it comes to arranging anything is Martha Stewart. Her tip is to create a display using colourful, inexpensive mats.

Blogger Tara Whitney transforms a corner of her living space with a collection of favourite photos mounted in frameless glass hangers for a wall that makes a big statement.

Neatly contained in a frame, Home-Sweet-Home uses magneti paint and small, decorative magnets to display her favourite photos. And with programs like Histamatic being downloaded to mobile phones, everyone is creating their own wall art with photographs.

Over at Young House Love, a photo wall comes together and hides more than a few misplaced holes in the wall.

Another dilemma to consider when hanging art or creating a picture wall, is what colour of frames should you use. Do you have black frames on a white wall, or white frames on a white wall, or black and white frames? I suppose it all depends on the effect you want to create. Black frames on a white wall have far greater impact than would white frames, so do you want you picture wall to really stand out or blend in?

And while on the subject of what colour for the frame, what about mats - should mats be white or coloured?

At the end of the day, you have to be happy with the arrangement and feel of your art or photo wall. So before you go knocking in nails, use a roll of brown paper to cut out a template of all the frames you want to hang on the wall and stick these up first. When you are happy with the look - grab the hammer and picture hangers and go for it.


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