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How to Hang Pictures Straight on a Wall

When you want to create a gallery wall or hang pictures on a wall, you need to get them straight and we show you a very easy way to do this.




There is a lot of hoo-ha on the web about the right and wrong way to hang pictures on a wall, whether you are wanting to set up a gallery way of pictures and photos or hang artwork. There are too many different methods of doing it that it can become confusing, but there is one true way to hang pictures and it involves using a very simple tool that you can buy at any Builders or hardware store.












What is a Spirit Level?

For those that don't know, a spirit level is a tool used to determine straightness and angles vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. There are many different brands of spirit level, and they are available in different lengths from around 300mm in length to over 1 metre in length.









Who Uses a Spirit Level?

Anyone and everyone who wants an item to be level and absolutely straight uses a spirit level. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you must invest in a spirit level as part of your toolkit. It is an invaluable tool when you want to hang pictures on a wall, put up a shelf or curtain rail, or make any type of furniture that requires perfectly straight horizontal and vertical surfaces. And that isn't even including how a spirit level is used for making sure wall and floor tiles are level, doors are hung straight, and the many other home DIY and home improvement jobs you can complete using a spirit level.





Using a spirit level is a simple process that involves air bubbles in a sealed glass tube that is usually filled with alcohol - hence the name spirit level. A true and accurate reading is obtained by adjusting the spirit level until the air bubble is directly between the lines marked on the tube. When the air bubble is directly in the centre of these marked lines, you have achieved accuracy.









When to Use a Spirit Level at Home

Use a spirit level for any job, task, or project where accuracy is required. That is why it is handy to have a spirit level in your workshop, so it is on hand when you need it. When out buying a spirit level it is a good idea to buy a reputable brand that is backed by years of experience that will always provide true results.




Another option to consider when selecting a spirit level is length. Models are available in all different lengths and unless you need a specific size for a particular project, it is worthwhile investing in a longer length. An alternative to buying a longer length and that is to buy a steel rule or straightedge in a long length and then buy a spirit level that has a built-in magnet so that these two can be used together. And a final alternative is to use Prestik or double-sided tape to secure your smaller spirit level onto the rule or straightedge.





If you are planning any home repair, home improvement or renovation projects, particularly tiling walls, or floors, hanging picture, or shelves, or even making furniture, a spirit level will ensure everything is straight.





If your project or job requires absolute accuracy, select a spirit level that offers accurate results within +/- 0.5 millimeters or .029 degrees. A brand such as Stabila will deliver excellent results.







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