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Use Fabric to Make Unique Art for your Walls

There are many mediums when it comes to art but one that is easy, simple, and affordable is to use fabric for unique wall art.






Here is an easy way to add art to a wall or create a stunning feature that is inexpensive and not too difficult. It is a practice that has been a part of interior design for hundreds of years and brings a bit more sophistication to a room than posters or prints do. Framing fabric is a fun way of creating unique wall art and you can choose a stunning piece of fabric, something a little more traditional such as Chinoiserie, or as quirky as Bohemian prints.











Extremely popular in the late 17th and early 18-century, Chinoiserie is a fanciful representation of Chinese style with European flair. Chinoiserie fabrics were used to upholster furniture, decorate walls and uses to create decorative panels.






You need very little if you want to frame a piece of favourite fabric and can mount the fabric into an existing picture frame, make your own decorative frame, or mount the fabric directly onto a wall and then frame it with trim or moulding. Making picture frames is easy with the right tools and you will find how to instructions in our Decor - Art Section.







Say goodbye to boring walls and bring new life into living spaces with a bold splash of colour, an interesting pattern, or just something you like and will work well in the room.






  1. Source or make the picture frame that you will use for this project.

  2. If any repairs need to be made to the frame, do this beforehand.

  3. Cut your choice of fabric so that it is larger than the board that will fit inside the frame. Enough so that it can be folded over to the back.

  4. Place the fabric face down on a flat surface and position the backing on top of this. If you are using sprayable adhesive to secure the fabric onto the backing, spray this onto the backing before placing on top of the fabric.

  5. If not using sprayable adhesive to secure the fabric to the backing, you can use staples to secure the fabric to the back.

  6. Do make sure to pull the fabric taut all the way around before securing to the back. Fold neatly at the corners.

  7. Assemble the picture frame and then mount onto the wall.





As an alternative to framed fabric prints, there is the option to mount fabric onto a backing board before securing this onto a wall and framing with moulding or trim for a simple way to create a stunning feature wall or focal point.









No picture frame - no problem! If you don't want to go to the trouble of making picture frames, there is always the option of wrapping blocks of timber or board with fabric scraps and mounting these in an interesting gallery format.





Local fabric stores stock a huge selection of fabrics and you will have plenty to choose from as far as colour and pattern is concerned. Select a fabric that will brighten the room, bring an interest pattern, or tie the colour scheme together.







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