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Quick Tip: Interiors shine with a mirror

Mirrors can be used to reflect and bounce light around a room, create the illusion of space, or to let your living spaces shine.


Mirrors offer an affordable way to glam up an empty wall. You have the option to mount a single, large mirror or a collection of small mirrors to add shine to any room. Use paper templates to determine the layout you want on the all before mounting mirrors.

Mirrors in a small room creates the illusion of depth, so go big with a wall-mounted mirror above a sofa or dining room table. Large mirrors provide a dramatic focal point and you can hang these to create an instant eye-catching feature. Position the mirror, or mirrors, in such a way that they reflect a chandelier or pendant light, or show off a view.

If you want to design your own unique mirror, have mirror cut to shape and size by a glass and mirror supplier. These guys can cut mirror to almost any shape or size, or you can have plain or bevelled edges.


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