Creative ways to display your family photos

If your family photos are slowly piling up we have put together a collection of ideas for creative ways to display your family photographs and show them off. From a collection of framed photos on a wall to a collage of your family favourites, you're bound to be inspired by at least one idea.


Mounting your favourite photographs up the side of a staircase allows for plenty of space if you need to mount a lot of photos. Keep it simply and use a collection of like-styled frames in varied sizes, or mix it up with different frames to create an interesting collage and an eye-catching feature.

A passage or hallway that lacks interest is the perfect place for a collection of your favourite photographs. If there isn't any natural light in the space, install wall-mounted downlights or ceiling spotlights to ensure photos are well lighted.

Having photos block mounted means that you can mount them almost anywhere. This is a lightweight option for mounting your family photographs and you can use heavy-duty mounting tape as an alternative to picture hooks or nails.

Fill up an empty space behind a sofa with a trio of oversized family photos. Beautiful black and white photos mirror the colours used in the room and provide a wonderful display without overpowering the room.

If wall space is limited there's nothing wrong with displaying some of your family photographs in your collection of favourite paintings for a wall gallery. Use newspaper and prestik to work out the arrangement for your collection beforehand to ensure that the final result looks good.

Welcome guests to your home with a collection of photographs displayed in an entrance or entry hall. Simple white frames and white photo mats are a wonderful way to display black and white or sepia-toned vintage photos.



If you prefer something with a bit more impact add a black frame to your black and white photographs.

Floating shelves make for an eye-catching display of family photographs and you don't have to hammer in hundreds of picture hooks or nails! You can also use floating shelves for a collection of large and small photos.

A grouping of block mounted family photos is an inexpensive way to bring together a collection. Notice how the colours blue and yellow are repeated throughout to tie together the different images.

Here's a great idea if you are renting a home and the landlord won't let you hammer or drill into walls. Use a large photo frame to display your collection of favourite photos. You can re-scan family photos to print them out to the same size, or vary the size of the images to create a wonderful collage or images.

Or what about using a strip of reclaimed wood and using this to create a one-of-a-kind display for your favourite photos!

Amass together all your favourite polaroid or instagram snaps and display these on a feature wall using prestik. No nails - no fuss - no damage to repair!

It's time to put on your creative thinking cap and decide where you want to display those family photographs.