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Don't take a Risk when Drilling Into Walls

This weekend we were hanging pictures on the staircase wall and had the common sense to use a digital detector before drilling holes... and thank goodness we did!


This weekend we finally got round to hanging my collection of art and pictures up along the staircase wall. While he doesn't often need reminding, my son almost drilled a hole straight into the wall without fist checking with my digital detector.

When placing my Bosch Digital Detector over the spot where I was originally going to hang the picture, the detector lit up red to indicate it wasn't safe to drill in that spot and the picture needed to be hung a little bit further down on the wall. There wasn't that much difference between the original spot and where the picture was eventually mounted, but after investigating, and being a double storey, we would have drilled straight into the electrical conduit in the wall.





It is so easy to forget when you want to get a project done and over with as quickly as possible, but it is important to check walls before you drill into them. Accidentally drilling into a plumbing line or electrical conduit could not only end up costing a fortune to fix, it could also be dangerous.







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