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Quick Project: Sunburst Mirror

Here's a quick and easy way to turn a circular, framed mirror into a faux gilded sunburst mirror.


Add this eye-catching sunburst mirror to a boring wall using supplies readily available at your local Builders Warehouse. All you need is a circular framed mirror.



1. Use a pencil and ruler to divide up and mark the back of the mirror frame. Start by dividing into quarters, and then divide again. Arrange the moulding on these guides and mark with a pencil

2. Cut the moulding strips to varying lengths and attach these to the back of the frame.

GOOD TO KNOW: There are various methods of fastening, depending on the type of frame. Use small screws for a wood frame, and epoxy adhesive for a plastic frame.

3. For a faux gilded effect, first apply a primer coat. Let this dry and paint on two coats of a deep red acrylic over the top.

4. Once the red paint is completely dry, lightly spray on two even coats of Rust-Oleum Metallic gold. Leave the final coat to dry overnight and then lightly sand with 180-grit sandpaper to reveal the red coat underneath.

As easy as that!


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