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How To Make Your Own Affordable Wall Gallery

We show you how to make or buy affordable picture or photo frames to create a personal wall gallery in your home.




The future of photography might be online or the Cloud, but there is always a place in the home to display prints or photographs of your family, friends or special memories or even your child's artwork


Nowadays, everything seems to be 'on', it's either 'on' your phone, 'on' a tablet or 'on' your laptop. All your favourite photographs and images stay on the device or get uploaded to the Cloud. But there will always be a place in the home where you can put up a small gallery of family favourite photos, treasured memories or any special artwork that your child present to you.


The only problem with setting up a wall gallery is selecting the right frames and not all frames come cheap. However, there is an easy and affordable way to make even affordable frames look more professional.









Make your own photo mats

The key to professionally framed artworks whether they be printed photographs or images, postcards, drawn art or basically anything you want to mount in a frame, is using a photo mat. A photo mat is what is visible at the front of the artwork and covers up the edges of whatever you are displaying.

A photo mat can be from 1mm to 2mm thick and is usually white in colour, although you can cut a piece of coloured or patterned card to the same size as the photo mat and glue this onto the photo mat.



The reason why a photo mat is essential is because it adds depth to the image, and the thicker the card the greater the effect and your artwork will pop.



Grafix - Medium Weight Chipboard Sheets White 25/Pkg R317.00






Photo mats are not only used for decorative purposes but also to protect the artwork. Mounting a mat over the top of the artwork ensures that the artwork will not be damaged.


Pack of 4 picture frames @ R286 from



Select the right frame

As a DIY-Diva, I have always made my own picture frames using PAR pine products that can be purchased at your local Builders. I have used biscuit joints to join the corners, have used V-pins to hold the corners together and have even made a few using corner angles and screws. Making your own picture frames will save you money but if you are not into DIY there are plenty of affordable frames that can be bought. If you are interested in making your own frames, visit our Decor Section - Art and Framing.







The best way to score the best price for picture frames for your art or photographs is to shop around. The Internet makes this easy enough and you can browse around to find a local supplier or one that ships anywhere in the country. Just a quick browse online revealed plenty of sources to purchase affordable frames;, Mr Price Home, Builders and Leroy Merlin are just a few of the suppliers that popped up in the search.





Select your picture or photo frames based on the content that will be placed within them. Black and white images, for example, provide an interesting feature when placed in black picture frames. You can even purchase affordable pine frames and spray these in your choice of colour for a wall gallery or photo display.



How to frame photographs, images or artwork

Wan to discover how easy it is to frame artwork? Check out the information video below that takes you step-by-step through the process of creating professionally framed art. 









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