Storage Ideas For Your New Home

When moving into your new home, one of the first things to look at is how to have a more organised home with the right storage solutions.





Moving into a new home is always an exciting process, especially if it's a brand new home - or your first home. But there are a few things you should consider when packing and unpacking and before having all your furniture delivered and that is storage.

Every home needs plenty of storage whether it's for your treasured book collection, plenty of pantry storage, or enough space for your clothes and accessories. Organising your storage beforehand means that when you move in everything has a place where it belongs.



When going through all the stuff you own, make a list of what storage you have in your existing home and whether or not your new home will accommodate this. If not, you are going to end up with piles of clutter in your new home, and with a busy schedule, you might not find the time to get around to sorting this out anytime soon. Making a list of what you own and where this will go in your new home will let you know in advance where you need to add extra storage.

As you are putting together your list, you will also have the time to sort through everything and decide if there are items that you no longer need. After all, if you don't use them anymore or they are broken, why take them with you. Getting rid of extra clutter will cut down on your storage needs and free up space for other items you use or need.



Cleaning out before you move will also reduce your moving costs, particularly if you have large pieces that you see no future use for. If these items have sentimental value and you simply cannot bear to part with them, there is always the possibility of putting them into storage until you decide what needs to be done. Don't take unwanted furniture to your new home if you are not going to be using it.








If moving from an existing property to a new home, consider what worked well for storage in that home. Perhaps there were shelves on the wall or built-in cupboards or cabinets that allowed you to display your accessories. Does your new home offer the same? If it doesn't, you could look at doing it yourself or having someone put up shelves before you move in.

Go through each and every room in your new home to make sure there is plenty of storage for everything you will be bringing. The ideal solution would be to unpack all your boxes and have somewhere to put everything without leaving unpacked boxes behind.


If you need extra storage in your new home for your belongings, allow yourself enough time to get this sorted before you move in.




Whether it's a month or a week, allow yourself enough time to shop around for storage solutions that would work well in your new home. You don't want to have to settle for anything less than what works best in a new home, so take your time until you find the perfect way to organise your new home.

Large retail hardware stores such as Builders, etc., offer aisles of storage and organisation products that can come in very handy for your new home and you can shop online or instore to find what you need. There are also stores such as and that specialise in unique storage solutions where you can browse online for ideas and solutions.

If you don't find what you are looking for, give yourself enough time to hire a handyman/carpenter to design and fit custom storage solutions to your new home.




If you know for a fact that your new home doesn't have all the storage you are going to need, getting this sorted before you move in will make for an easy move and less stress when unpacking and sorting out. Think bedroom closets and cupboards for you and your family, essential storage in a bathroom or kitchen. Every room in the home should have plenty of organised storage for a house to meet the needs of a growing family.







Having custom storage installed beforehand means your life won't be disrupted by mess once you have settled in your new home.

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