Creating Bicycle-Themed Home Decorations

Is there a way to functionally decorate a house in a way that looks snazzy but still honors the bike?



We get it. You are a cyclist.

It's not as if your shaved legs, spandex shorts, and helmet hair are enough for us to know just how much you love cycling. But your house is as sparsely decorated as a factory bathroom.

Welcome to the life of loving a cyclist.

Cyclists are known for being a Spartan, focused clan. They are also known for a fashion sense that is about 50 years behind the times (mullets anyone?).

If you are the lucky lover of a cyclist, you may have to fight their lack of style. While you are repainting the house, they are insisting that the bike will be parked in the living room. Is there a way to functionally decorate a house in a way that looks snazzy but still honors the bike?

Let's give it a try.



Bike Storage as Decoration

The bicycle is everything. Think of it like high-end jewelry. sells entry-level models that start around $400. However, It is common to have close to $2,000 to $5,000 invested in this central piece of machinery. To have something of that value stolen would be heart-breaking. We're dealing with a bit of sentimentality here as well as a fear of losing their therapy tool. If the bike was stolen, what would they ride to console themselves for the loss?

A secure garage can sometimes work. If your athlete doesn't feel the garage is secure enough, try to negotiate for an inner room. Maybe the basement or a den room.

The nice thing is, there are several attractive bike stands that can be used to store your bike. We covered one here that you can make on your own. There are also nice stands that you can buy.

If there are just one or two high-end bikes, you can store them inside and make them the center of your decorating. Try adding some spotlighting on them. After all, there is no point in trying to hide them when they are taking up an entire wall.









Repair Area

This should be a shop or basement area with a small work bench, a few shelves to organize supplies and unused riding gear, and a bike stand.

Having a dedicated place to perform basic bike maintenance is a dream come true for every cyclist. It doesn't have to be a large space, but having a dedicated space is a luxury that most cyclists spend their entire lives wishing they had.


Bike Pictures

What cyclist's house is not complete without some bike pictures. Thankfully, these are easily found. Target and Walmart commonly feature bikes in their decor section, and the more esoteric house decorator can peruse Etsy to find the ideal piece.

For a little more personalize flair, arrange for a photo shoot with your bikes, and then have a custom canvas printed.


Vinyl, Bike-Friendly Floors

Bikes and the riding shoes that cyclists wear are both quite unkind to floors.

If you are remodeling a house, vote for durable flooring options such as vinyl plank floors that are more resistant to a rider's cleats, should they forget to take them off.


Shoe Rack For Cycling Shoes

Speaking of bike shoes, having a dedicated space for them by the door means that your cyclist always knows where their gear is. Plus, every visitor will know that you have a cyclist in the family.

Which is the end goal.


Bike Throw Pillows

If the bike shoes by the door, the air-drying bib shorts by the dryer and the shiny bikes in your living room aren't proof that this house is pro-cyclist, you can grab some cheap pillowcases for your throw pillows.

Once again, Etsy is a great place to get these themed pillows, but bicycle-themed pillows are pretty easy to find.


Decorate With Old Bike Parts

For the nerdier house, there are some pretty incredible crafting ideas that you can make out of old bike parts.

One of the most common -- and easiest to implement -- ideas is to grab a clock kit and insert it inside a chainring. These "sprocket clocks" are an eye-catching addition to any house.


A Workout Room

If you have space, dedicate one room of your house with a TV and bike trainer. Obligatory pictures of men and women in spandex can be hung around the room for added effect. This is the room for sweating it out on the trainer during the long winter days. Ideally, it will be big enough that you can invite your friends over for Saturday night trainer parties!


Bike Bottle Opener

A small touch, but don't forget to get a bottle opener that is themed with your favorite bike brand.

You want your guests to know that you thought of everything.


Ok, Bike Chic is Tacky...

This article is a little tongue-in-cheek. There is a lot you can do with bike art that whimsical. And, at some point, you'll have to set your foot down to keep the bike from running the household. But, maybe just one or two of these ideas will bring a little spark to your cyclist's heart.