Graphic wall art for entrance

Use printed or plain wallpaper and pine moulding or extruded polystyrene cornice to create a dramatic feature wall in a boring entrance. This clever design trick provides a  place to hang coats and accessories and also adds immediate interest to an otherwise blank wall. Finish off the project with custom touches by hanging fun hangers and hooks.


You don't need to find wallpaper that has a pattern already printed on it. Use plain wallpaper and a permanent marker or sharpie pen to draw your own graphic design.

1. Mark out the position for the wall frame based on the size of the space. You want to cover a large area for high impact. Use a spirit level to mark the location.



2. Cut your patterned or plain wallpaper to size and use wallpaper paste to attach to the wall. If you are using plain wallpaper, leave overnight and then draw on your design. You can use the main image shown at the top for inspiration or search the Internet for more ideas.

3. Cut the pine moulding or polystyrene cornice longer that the frame sides and then use a mitrebox or mitre saw to cut the corners at a 45-degree angle. Test fit the pieces together and make an adjustments.

4. Use Pattex No More Nails adhesive to attach the frames onto the wall, and pop in a few concrete nails to ensure the frame is securely mounted. Cover the nail holes with a small dab of wood filler and leave to dry.

5. Finish off by sanding the wood filler smooth and painting in white or your choice of colour.

Only use acrylic paints if adding polystyrene cornice for the frame, as solvent-based paints will destroy the polystyrene.