Make any Rental Property feel like Home

With a substantial number of the population living in rental properties we show you how to add a few accessories to put your stamp on a rental and make it feel more like home.






As Mike Dunfee Group in Lakewood says, rental properties are a fact of life. Not everyone wants the responsibility of a mortgage loan and many prefer to rent a property. Living in a rental can be tiresome if the landlord is picky but we will show you how to use a few accessories to add a personal touch and make any rental property feel like a home. And for anyone in the market for a new apartment, don't forget to take a look at Muskoka apartments.




Use any one or more of the ideas below to decorate a rental house and turn it into a home. All these ideas are affordable, and the great thing is that you can take them with you when you move.





1 | Pick a Style

Before you rush out to buy any furniture or textiles for your rental property, select a style that you want to work with. This means selecting a colour palette with hues that are your favourite and a decorating style you would love for your home. It makes more sense to decorate with a style and colour palette in mind and that way everything will coordinate.





2 | Furniture to Fit

All too often, when decorating a rental property, you tend to overlook the size of the rooms and can end up with furniture that is too big or doesn't fit. The best way to overcome this is to select pieces that work well together but are overall smaller in design. For example, rather than buying a sectional or oversized sofa, settle for a smaller 2-seater couch and a couple of wingback or armchairs. Far easier to move from place to place if you need to and much easier to fit into any size or shape of room.





It might also be a great idea to look for dual-purpose furniture that will make more space available in a room. For example, a storage ottoman that provides extra seating when needed or supplies hidden storage, or what about a set of nesting tables? Think about what you need and how it will fit and be practical.





Dual-purpose or lightweight furniture is the ideal solution for anyone decorating a rental property. Think storage ottomans, nesting tables and media units that offer plenty of storage.









3 | Accessorize with Textiles

With a style and colour palette already in mind it will make it easier to select textiles that work within these parameters. You can choose curtains, fabric blinds or horizontal blinds that complement and enhance the colour scheme. If you need to bring more interest into a plain room, you can even opt for window treatments that incorporate a pattern or design.





Give any room in a home personality with the right curtains. Plain, patterned or designer designs, curtain will frame windows and bring a room to life.





Rugs are another layer in a room that shouldn't be forgotten. It is easy to disguise ugly flooring and grotty carpet with an attractive rug and, once again, you can choose one that ties in with all the other colours and styles you want in a room. The same applies to soft furnishings such as pillows, cushions, and even a throw or two for cold evenings.










4 | Add Glam with Lighting

Light fittings are easy to switch out and it is something you can switch back and take with you to your next rental property. Floor and table lamps are the easiest for portability but there is still the option to temporarily replace ceiling fixtures, and these can really have an immediate impact on a room setting. Builders offer a wide selection of lighting solutions that range from affordable to pricey and you can get in on your Builders Card.





Think of plants and decor accessories as the icing on the cake, little decorative touches that finish off a room.





5 | Plants and Accessories

Plants are one of the easiest ways to liven up any living space and brings heaps of personality into a room. Even if you don't have green fingers, there are plenty of silk or artificial flowers out there that can look just as good - just inspect them beforehand as there are those that look tacky and immediately fake. Place plants, real or artificial, in attractive pots that will bring even more pizzazz to a room.





Decorative accessories are always a wonderful finishing touch and, at least knowing your style and colour palette, you can select the perfect accessories to dress up the style and possibly even add a pop of accent colour.





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