Quick Tip: Confident with colour

Choosing the right colour scheme can be both exciting and scary. A well-designed interior incorporates a variety of colours, in the right proportions, for a good balance.




For the average homeowner wanting to decorate, choosing a colour palette is not easy. To help you successfully choose the best colours for a room. try this effective method that uses a photograph or image for inspiration.

Select a photo or image that you love and that perfectly conveys the feeling you’d like for a room. There are thousands of images on the Internet and sites such as Pinterest that you can choose from, or it may be an image that catches your attention in a book or magazine.

Take the image along with you to your nearest Prominent Paint store and select paint swatches to match as many colours within the photo as possible.

You don't want to overpower the space, so work out how much of each colour is used in the photo or image. Using the same colour proportions in your room design ensures the balance remains the same. If you prefer, make up a mood board to cross-check the balance of colour, tonality and texture.

Once you are happy with the colour combinations, have the guys at Prominent Paints mix up the colours for you in your selected paints.