How to create a beautiful display for a room

Not everyone has the ability to set up a wonderful display without too much thought, so here are a few ways to use creative displays to give a room a new look - without redecorating.


Not everyone has the knack for decorating like a pro, in fact, most of us struggle with design concepts. But being able to set up a creative display in a room lets you give the room a new look - without redecorating or spending any money.



Creative display for a master bedroom

If you want to add some interest to a bedroom, use a few of your favourite accessories to create a display on a chest of drawers, a small cabinet or cupboard, or that can be hung on the wall for an eye-catching feature. The items on display don't necessarily have to be items that you use everyday, more a few collectibles or favourite pieces that you can display to best advantage and add interest and texture at the same time. - 853643304350084556/

Another easy way to create an interesting display is to build up a 'vignette' or arrangement of accessories that sit on a table or surround a table - or any other piece - to give a boring or lifeless piece more appeal. This is the perfect solution in a rental home where you can't hammer into walls. Use a piece of furniture and a few accessories to create your display. - 366058275963481269/

When hanging items onto walls is not an option, make use of double-sided tape or Prestik to temporarily mount items. If you need to remove these later on, grab a can of WD-40 lubricating spray to remove the sticky tape. - 664421751254257402/

Creative display for a child's bedroom

Dressing up a wall or space in a children's bedroom is a great way to add even more to a decorated space. Children's bedrooms always need plenty of space, so turn this area into a creative display with just a few accessories. - 354869645632353024/ - 753297475148412972/



Creative display for a home office

You can also use the same method for creating a display in a bedroom to style your home office. Choose the piece of furniture that you want to highlight or make as the focal point, and arrange your items around this. If you can imagine this desk without any accessories, it would look rather bland and boring. It only takes a few items to turn it into an inspiring place to work.


If you don't want to spend any money on setting up a creative display, look at items you may already have and how these can be transformed using paint or detail for them to fit into your layered displays. - 709668853758652148/

When selecting items for display, particularly in a home office, try to have items that not only look great but also serve a purpose. For example: A wire rack on the wall provides a spot to clip notices, but it also looks pretty when a few plants are added for display. - 96757091981188681/

Creative display for an entrance or hallway

Just like every other room in a home, an entrance or hallway also needs a creative display to welcome guests into your home or fill up a blank space at the end of a hallway. - 78461218493367498/

Since your entrance creates that first impression for visitors, pay special attention to this space and keep to a style that is reflected throughout your home. Don't overload the space with too much stuff, rather select a few pieces you love and that would look perfect in an entrance. If you choose a comfortable or antique chair, fill the area around this with loved items to finish the look. - 31314159889908034/

Creative display for a guest bathroom

The guest bathroom is another room that benefits from a creative display, even if it is just an arrangement on top of your bathroom vanity. The guest bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to adding a bit of interest, and yet it takes so little to put together a little vignette of accessories with an interesting plant or taller decoration to add a bit of height to the display. - 451134087665174289/ - 604537949963592129/ - 95208979606116271/



Creative display for a kitchen

Whether you set aside a small space on a kitchen countertop, make use of an empty windowsill, or add a shelf particularly for this purpose, a creative display will bring a sense of style to the space. In the kitchen it is very easy to create a display with pieces of your favourite crockery or collectibles, but you can quite easily use other accessories as well. - 95208979606818920/



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