Revive your Home Decor

If your home is starting to feel a little blah, we offer some budget updates to revive your home decor.






Every home starts to feel a little ordinary over time. You walk into a room and think that something is missing... there's no impact or personality in the space. With a little love, some paint and a few accessories that you may already have lying around, we show you how to revive any room in a home.



Photo or Wall Gallery

Adding a photo or wall gallery is an inexpensive way to cover a bare wall or boring corner. You have the freedom to experiment with shape, size and frame designs and to select artwork or photos to mount on a wall. You will also find plenty of advice of tips in our Art & Framing section for making your own easy picture frames or wall art.

Nothing adds more personality than a display of family photos. Dust them off and display them on countertops, shelves and windowsills and perk up frames with paint for an instant pick-me-up.





Keep it Fresh

Even though summer is coming to an end, you should still find a few fresh flowers to bring indoors. Freshly cut flowers are definitely one of the easiest ways to revive a room in a flash, and it requires little effort. If you don't have flowers in the garden, you can always think about making a display of crepe paper flowers for an everlasting display. Alternatively, look at buying a couple of potted plants with interesting foliage to inject colour and personality.





Get Sorted

Decluttering isn't only reserved for spring cleaning. You will be amazed at how much difference organising your rooms can make a home look and feel. Go through your house room by room and put clutter back where it belongs and you will have plenty more space and a fresh look.





Bathroom Boost

Inject personality into a bathroom by swapping out accessories. Replace tired towels with trendy colours and patterns to give a bathroom a much needed boost. Make a statement by hanging towels on a made or bought towel rack.





Bedroom Bliss

As the feature in any bedroom, the bed deserves extra special attention. Pile up cushions and pillows to create a relaxing den that looks like it came straight out of a boutique hotel room. Pop onto our Bedroom section for tips and tricks for decorating a bedroom.









Mix it up

A change is as good as a holiday, and moving furniture around to give a room a new look is just as good. Rearrange furniture to create conversation areas. Put down a colourful rug to introduce colour and texture. And plump up those pillows to make a room more interesting.



If a room lacks impact, create a focal point on a wall by hanging a brightly coloured or interesting piece of artwork or large mirror.



Fill empty space

In a small home shelves are always handy for storage, so fill up blank walls with attractive floating shelves. You can make your own floating shelves for very little cost and then put your favourite books or collectibles on display. Find instructions here for making your own chunky floating shelves, or check out these easy shelf ideas.



Adapted from article by ideal home.