How to make chunky floating shelves

There are many ways to make your own chunky floating shelves and here is a collection of the best and easiest ideas for chunky floating shelves.


To make your own chunky floating shelves you can use a variety of materials. The most affordable option would be to use PAR and laminated pine, but you could also use Meranti or other hardwood, or you could use marine plywood. Another alternative would be to use 16mm MDF and then finish with paint. You will find a variety of board and wood products at your local Builders.


32 x 69mm PAR pine for back supports

20 x 69mm PAR pine for support arms

Wood or board for top, base and front



1. Start off with a length of 32 x 69mm PAR pine. This forms the main support for your chunky floating shelf and is the part that is fastened to a wall. You can make the length as long as you wish, as long as the supports are spaced between 250 to 300mm along the total length.

2. For the support arms you need to cut 10mm deep rebates at the ends and along the length (every 250 to 300mm). There are various methods that can be used to cut the rebates: router and straight bit, Dremel Trio and cutting bit, table saw, hammer and wood chisel - whichever method works best for you.

3. With the rebates cut the support arms are mounted in place using wood glue and screws. Drill two 4mm countersunk pilot holes at each support arm and secure with 5 x 65mm screws.

4. With the support assembly complete you can drill through the back and mount this section onto the wall with nylon plugs (fischer) and screws.

If the wood is being stained or sealed, do this prior to mounting onto the wall.

5. The top and bottom sections can be glued in place using wood glue. Use a couple of quick clamps to hold the sections together and leave overnight.

6. Secure the front section with wood glue and panel pins, or use a pneumatic nailer if you have one. Touch up any visible nail heads with a touch of matching paint or sealer.

And that's how easy it is to make a chunky floating shelf.


There are many different ways to finish your new chunky floating shelves depending on your personal choice. One method is to use Woodoc Interior Sealer (clear or tinted) in matt, satin or gloss. Alternatively, you can choose one of the Woodoc Gel Stain tints and apply a clear sealer or Woodoc Antique Wax.

Woodoc also have a white-tinted sealer that can be used to create a whitewashed effect on stained wood. When using this product you will see that the more coats applied the more opaque the effect.