Stripes are still trending in designer homes

Chevron may be yesterday's trend, but stripes continue to feature in designer homes, fabrics and decor accessories. 


I'm not a big follower of what's trending but I do like to keep my finger on the pulse of what's hot and what's not. I personally believe that when decorating a home you should follow your heart and use colours and styles that you love, and not be dictated to by what's trending. Having said that, it's always nice to know what is happening in the design world to see new styles that come and go through the seasons.

One trend that I do love is how to bring a new look to a dated room. Chevron patterns have featured prominently over the past couple of years but stripes have been around forever. You can use stripes to add bold pattern, create a dramatic feature wall, or make a room appear visually higher or wider, and we put together a collection of various striped images that you can easily incorporate into your home decorating. 

I haven't seen stripes in home decor stores lately , but if you feel that adding a dash of fun to open shelving displays, grab a ceramic or porcelain sharpie pen and add your own.  You can buy permanent sharpie pens for use on ceramic at specialist craft and hobby shops, or do an online search for a supplier in your region. Mix it up with stripes and graphic designs.

A black and white entrance hall features a bold striped wall that allows the furniture and accessories to pop. Vertical stripes are a simple way to visually heighten a room, so if you have a low ceiling think about adding some stripes. You don't have to go black and white and can choose your own colours to match the existing hues in a room. 

Striped fabric is ideal for upholstering furniture into statement pieces. The only consideration when upholstering pieces with stripes, or any patterned fabric for that matter, is making sure that everything lines up.  

You can also use striped fabric for curtains to add a huge pop of pattern to a room. As with vertically striped walls, curtains with a vertical striped pattern will give a window the illusion of more height.  



Think about using stripes in a small guest bathroom.  Whether horizontal or vertical, you will be surprised at the effect that striped walls can add to this pokey space. Choose accessories that coordinate with the colours of the stripes used in the room to ensure it is pleasing to the eye and not overpowering.

You can use narrow or wide stripes in any room to decorate a feature wall.  The idea of using stripes behind the bed adds a striking feature that highlights the bed and also visually increases the height of the room, making it feel more spacious. 

Introduce a new level of fun into a home by using stripes and patterns on appliances. You can easily modernise a dated kitchen by painting black and white stripes on a refrigerator or washing machine.

Striped rugs add impact in any space. You can use them in an entrance or to define a space.  

When using striped rugs under chairs you need a way to secure the rugs to the floor to prevent them from sliding around. Attach a thin rubber mat to the back of rugs so that they won't slip or slide, or secure the edges with double-sided carpet tape. Or as an alternative to rugs, paint stripes onto concrete or whitewashed wooden floors.

In an open-plan living area, rugs can be used to define zones within the space. In the living room below the striped rug defines a small sitting area and is tied into the setting with a few black and patterned accessories. 

Stripes are a great way to introduce drama in a monochromatic room. An elegant living room in black and white hues is instantly revived with the introduction of a striped fabric on the sofa and ottomans. 

Stripes have endured through the years and continue to be trendy and fun, so why not try adding some stripes to your home. If you're not daring enough to paint an entire wall, start with striped fabrics and take it from there!