Install a DIY panel wall

Some rooms need a little help to look stunning and this DIY panel wall is an easy way to add interest to a plain wall and dress up a room.


The before and after pictures of this living room show what a difference a simple panel wall can make. What was before a average living room is transformed into a beautiful, designer-look space.

To create a board-and-batten look, 100mm wide SupaWood strips were cut to length, trimmed to fit and glued onto the wall with No More Nails Adhesive. After this, the wall was painted in a dark grey / charcoal colour that matches the fireplace in the room and coordinates with the grey decor accessories. You can have SupaWood cut to size at Builders Warehouse, which makes any project much easier.

After measuring up the room, the SupaWood were glued horizontally on the wall and then cut to fit the vertical spaces above and below these. You will need to use a spirit or laser level to ensure both horizontal and vertical strips are perfectly straight.

GOOD TO KNOW: No More Nails Adhesive has a certain amount of grip that holds the strips in place on the wall. Apply a liberal amount of adhesive and press firmly onto the wall.

After sticking down the strips, leave this overnight to ensure the glue dries thoroughly. After this you can paint in your choice of colour. Choose a colour that takes its cue from something already in the room, whether this be a piece of art, a rug, or furniture. You will want to use a washable paint, such as Prominent Paints Satin Silk, or one of the Select range of paints.



That's how easy it is to create your own DIY panelled wall without too much fuss and at minimal cost.