Make a small townhouse feel spacious

You only have to look in the property section of your local newspaper to know that the demand for townhouse living continues to increase. With this convenience lifestyle comes a hefty price tag - even for a modest-sized unit.



Townhouse living has its benefits for those looking for convenience living. Some larger developments boast full-on facilities that include shopping centres, day care, golfing and clubhouse facilities, and all the amenities you would normally find in a small town. These added value benefits don't come for free, and you can find yourself paying a hefty sum for a 65 square metre townhouse that barely allows you to swing a cat !

At the end of the day you can still enjoy all the benefits of a lock-up-and-go lifestyle if you take the time to think about a clever decorating plan, and choose furniture that not only looks good but also visually complements the space. 




Even in a small townhouse, and perhaps even more so, storage is essential. You need to make use of any space that you can to have a place to store your possessions. A wall of built-in, modular storage units (above), designed to fit floor to ceiling - with a width no wider than 300mm - will provide more than ample shelf and cupboard storage.

And where would you start if you wanted to have built-ins fitted to your townhouse? Well, if you don't plan on doing it the DIY way, which is obviously the most affordable way to install built-ins, you could look at hiring a local carpenter or handyman to do it for you, or source a company that installs built-in cupboards and wardrobes.

One way to instantly add more floor space to a small townhouse unit is to incorporate the outdoors. A small balcony is wasted if you can't open up the doors and let in natural light and fresh air. Do away with blocky wood frames and solid walls and fit glass sliding doors to instantly give the illusion of more space.  

If you buy your townhouse off plan, look at the option for leaving out walls to create an open plan flow from area to area. Furniture and decor accessories can be used to define specific living areas.