Style A Room Around A Corner Sofa Or Sectional

Great for small living rooms and compact spaces, a corner sofa or sectional fits nicely into a room, but how do you style a room around this piece of furniture?

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Upholstered seating is the main focus in any living room and corner sofas or sectionals are great if you have a small living room or compact living space. The corner sofa or sectional is a versatile and comfortable piece of furniture that offers seating for when you have conversations or when you want to relax in front of the TV. With this in mind, we look at some stylish ways to let your corner sofa be a focal point in the room. - 251990541632892028/?nic_v1=1aR5pSeY4Pi51mRFssdAHd4iRiZZYbj7MWPNkNcqwhpxGvKxrqkRW8fD5suvoogFty


Set Up Zones In An Open-Plan Space

In today's modern homes, you will find that developers prefer to plan for an open-plan living space that incorporates both a living and dining area and sometimes even the kitchen. But not everyone enjoys such an open space and a corner sofa is great for creating a zone between living and other areas, without hogging too much space. - 476959416786465630/?nic_v1=1aeOqTMzYskgxKqF7soBpSvVdeG7cnxMyNGWAvaEY7HE5%2F7NkRdlw0vs%2Fj%2FwSqIf0l


The easiest way to arrange a corner sofa or sectional to divide up an open-plan space is to decide where one zone ends and another starts. Draw an imaginary line between the two zones, making sure to allow enough space in both zones for their intended purpose. Placing the sofa on this imaginary line will clearly define the living area and close it off from the dining area without blocking any sightlines or having to use additional furniture such as a room divider or partition. Keeping sightlines open is important in that it allows light to flow throughout the space and make it feel visually larger than it is.




Choose A Sofa That Fits In The Room

Not all corner sofas are perfect and it is important to select one that will fit into the space you have available. You might love that overstuffed and slipcovered corner sofa in the store, but not so much when you spend a whole morning to try and get it up the stairs, through the door, and round a corner into your living room only to find it's too big. Before you go shopping for any larger furniture, measure up the area to make sure it will fit.







Size is important and you want to select a sofa that is in proportion to the room in which it will be placed. A large dark corner sofa in a room that doesn't receive a lot of natural light will simply overpower the room and make it feel claustrophobic. Don't be influenced by your emotions and select the first corner sofa you fall in love with - do your homework and think about comfort, colour, shape, and size.


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A corner sofa or sectional that is mounted on raised legs gives the illusion of being far less bulky than one that sits on the floor. - 678143656372018602/?nic_v1=1a8L%2Fb6TwqBAgZwEOwWGt%2BWCuBGIFQec1hDK68sun29SUKBJ68bZW2SyA5T7ZLh%2BE%2F


Define A Style For The Corner Sofa

We have already mentioned that comfort, colour, shape, and size are to be kept in mind when choosing a corner sofa, but so is the style of the sofa. Unless you plan on redecorating your home, be sure to select one that ties in with your style of decor. For example, a leather Chesterfield sofa would look out of place in a country or cottage decorating scheme, while an antique love seat would look odd in a modern setting. We know that it's trendy to mix it up a bit, but be careful not to cross over too much and end up with a room that is a muddle of different styles.



Introduce The Right Accessories

Before you start piling in a boat-load of accessories to dress up the living room around the sofa, keep in mind that the adage 'less is best' will always work in your favour. My favourite saying is  KISS or 'keep it simple sister'! The reason you opted for a corner sofa in the first place was either to set zones in an open plan space or make more room for living in a small space, so don't waste that by adding too many accessories. - 662240320197040946/?nic_v1=1adodbTBaCiXH0oA9KOl9HhIt5V%2F4eOyqV39h%2Fye145vxMb0%2Fgla%2Bm3WcGZpdo38N3


If anything, all the corner sofa needs is a few cushions that pop with a contrasting colour, a throw blanket for those evenings when you want to sit back and relax and this can be draped along one end to add some texture and colour, and perhaps a standing light behind or next to one end of the sofa. You could also add some colourful or interesting artwork on the wall above the sofa or even a small floating shelf.







The only other items you need are a coffee table - to balance out the setting and making a comfortable corner area - and a nice rug - if you have tiled or laminate flooring. Do choose a coffee table that is sofa height and that fills the space in front nicely. - 711428072376927619/?nic_v1=1aba%2FIYgw1IwAMDICoPUltx0tzWAVVlvoSzdh2fGxRv6jBci1mxf0JjAmSf3ieH%2F%2Ba




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