Sleeper couch perfect for guests

My air mattress has finally given up and has been patched up so many times I have decided to look at a sleeper couch instead. That way, not only can I bring a comfortable sofa into the spare room, but easily covert this to a bed when guests sleep over.


I have past experience with some really uncomfortable sleeper couches, both from a personal point of view and from having seen some really horrible designs. I was very surprised to discover the range of sleeper couches you will find here from Discount Decor (link at bottom of page).

There are a variety of styles available, ranging from a more traditional, upholstered sleeper couch priced at around R2400.00, to ones that offer a more modern design style and priced at around R2500.00. When you consider that a basic 2-seater sofa costs around the same price - this is definitely value for money.

If you prefer a modern style that blends with your home decor, the sleeper couch shown here is just the thing. During the day it offers a 3-seater sofa, and easily converts into a double bed when needed.

Upholstered with plush leatherette upholstery and offering contemporary design, this sleeper couch fits in with your living space and offers comfortable seating and a great night’s sleep with its pillow-top layer.



If your home is short on floor space and you need a place for guests to sleep for short stay-overs, a sleeper couch is the perfect piece of dual-purpose furniture to consider.

Gone are the old fashioned steel spring fold-out beds - replaced by more comfortable upholstered sleeper couch models. These definitely offer more comfort for guests and are even perfect for a child's bedroom (if space allows) for friends to sleep over, while also offering a comfortable place to sit.

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