Living a simple life

Sometimes it's the simple things that are beautiful. Attention to detail and careful restraint when decorating can produce stunning room settings.


When decorating a room in the home, many of us tend to go a bit overboard. Too often we add unnecessary detail that can overload the setting, and that's why it's important to take a break and stand back - to know when enough is enough.

With careful restraint a basic setting can be quite beautiful in its simplicity - if all the elements are there. Think colour, pattern and texture. With these three elements you can easily design a room that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Restraint can be exercised when decorating any room in a home. Negative space can be just as inviting and beautiful as a room full of decoration. An abundance of decoration is not necessary when the pieces already in the room contribute to colour, pattern and texture.

In the dining room shown below, the rustic wooden table provides texture - the lighting and architectural detailing provide plenty of pattern, and colour is introduced via fresh greenery. It's simple yet elegant. 

Before you go overboard and fill up a space with knick-knacks, consider what is already in the room and whether or not it ticks all the boxes: colour - pattern - texture. If you have covered all three it's time to be restrained and hold yourself back.