Give Your Home A Modern Update for Spring

If you have lived in your home for 10 years or more you probably haven't even realised how dated it feels and it might be time to stand back and assess each room.






Sometimes, a few simple changes can have a dramatic effect on a room and will turn a dated space into a living space.





Anyone who has lived in the same home for 10 years or more and hasn't done anything to update the rooms is probably not aware of how dated the rooms look and if you want to keep living spaces feeling fresh and looking modern, here are a few designer tricks you can put to good use when shopping for a few accessories, a can or two of paint and any other tools or supplies you may need.







A Refreshed Colour Palette

Paint has always been the go-to product to refresh and updated a home quickl and it is also a quick and easy way to introduce a splash of colour or tone down the colour scheme if you prefer a more sedate colour palette. While colour trends change from year to year, sticking to the classics like white, light grey, shades of beige, or neutral colours will always be the right choice. All you need to bring a new look to a home is a can or two of paint, paintbrush and paint roller. Splurge on essential tools such as painter's tape and drop clothes and you are good to go!


Nothing refreshes a room more than covering up faded paint that has yellowed over time. Today's quality paints are specifically formulated not to yellow and once your living spaces have been painted, you can better assess what else needs to be done.





Give any room in the home a modern update and fresh appeal with a coat or two of paint and a few additional accessories.





Switch Old With New

There are plenty of things that you have in your home that might be dated - excluding vintage or antique furniture that takes pride of place. If you don't invest in pieces that don't age - they will and it won't be long before what is modern today looks dated and worn. It pays to invest wisely or to select at least a decor style that allows a bit of mix and match here and there. Leave melamine and laminate furniture off the list and shop for classic pieces that will age well.





A home can easily become dated if you follow trends all the time!





Reveal The View

Unless you are trying to hide an ugly eyesore out of the window, it is time to let your windows shine and fill a room with natural light and fresh air. Having layers and layers of thick, dusty and faded window treatments definitely will not add to the view so perhaps re-think window treatments and shop for light and airy. After all, letting in natural light and fresh air is good for the house and your health.





Don't cover up windows - leave them open to let in natural sunlight and fresh air during the warmer months of the year.











Ditch the dated furniture and cue timeless classics that will steal all the attention and make any room look stunning.





Free Up Valuable Space

10 years of living in the same house usually means you have accumulated plenty of stuff along the way and you probably haven't realised how cluttered rooms have become because you are so used to it. There is only one solution and that is to get stuck in and remove excess clutter. Be firm and strong and set up piles of items that can be sold, donated, or tossed out. And before you toss anything out, find out if any friends or family might have a use for things you no longer need after all, one man's trash is another man's treasure.





Unless you are specifically looking for a 'Boho' theme for rooms in your home, ditch the clutter for a cleaner-looking home.





Whatever room in the home you are updating, you can't go wrong with classic colours like white and black, or deep blue, shades of grey or taupe, and neutrals. These colours never go out of fashion.





Finishing Touches

There is always space in a room for one or two finishing touches, something as simple as a throw cushion, luxurious rug, wall art, or even just something to add a splash of colour. Keeping the above points in mind, however, keep it simple and don't overdo it - a few carefully chosen pieces will add finishing touches and you're done!



Final Note

If your entire home needs a good refresh and a much-needed update, tackle this room by room and plan each step deciding what stays, what goes, and if you need to remove or replace anything. This update not only serves to refresh your home but you will also be giving it a good clean out as you go through the house.



With a home that's refreshed and updated your family and guests will feel invigorated and welcome. Like they say... "A change is as good as a holiday!"