How to Select the Perfect Vase for Fresh Flowers or Floral Arrangements

While I am crafty in other areas, I must admit to being at a bit of a loss when it comes to choosing the perfect vase for fresh flowers or floral arrangements.



There is an art to arranging flowers so perfectly, and while I may have other talents up my sleeve, arranging flowers so that they look perfect is not one of them. I have more than a few vases in the cupboard, some short, some tall, ceramic vases and glass vases, but at the end of the day, just sticking a bouquet of gifted fresh flowers in them never seems to look right.







As I do in most cases, I decided to do some research online to see if I could find more information on the right way to choose a vase and how to arrange a bouquet so that they provide a stunning arrangement. After all, there isn't much these days that isn't on the web! - 97460779423601795/?nic_v1=1anpUfDW9hlhHxMPIfKzGlYyOIlyuTv%2Fjgwi3S6klOIERP2mjSpqTEamYp85Rzm5Th


Choose the Right Size Vase

If you are presented with a bouquet or a bunch of fresh flowers as a gift, the first thing you are going to want to do is to place the flowers in clean water. You don't need to make a decision on the vase right now, rather just take care of the flowers for the time being. Now that you are not in a rush, you have the time to think carefully about what vase you need to use and to make sure the vase is cleaned with household bleach, rinsed and then filled with clean tepid water.

It's always a good idea to have a few vases in your collection, just enough to cover all the bases for when you do receive flowers. Have a short vase that can be used for fresh posies, a tall vase for long-stemmed flowers and then consider investing in a couple of each size in a different material. I like to use glass vases, but some flowers look perfect in a ceramic vase.

There is a rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right vase for your flowers that the length of the stems should be no more than twice the height of a vase. Consider the following:

- The vase should cater for the length of the stems.

- The neck or opening at the top of the vase should have enough space to arrange the flowers. If it is too wide, it will not offer enough support for the stems; too narrow and you won't have enough space to arrange the flowers.


Types of Vases

The height of a vase should complement the type of flowers in your bouquet. More often than not a bouquet will consist of tall flowers and foliage to give the arrangement some height, and assorted foliage to give the arrangement a fuller look. An hourglass-shaped vase is a great all-round vase for bulky floral arrangements - see below.



- Column Shape

If you are buying a bunch of long-stemmed flowers, these can be perfectly arranged in a column-shaped vase or a glass or ceramic vase with a good height. You can also use this type of vase if you like to pick foliage or branches from the garden for an organic floral arrangement








- Hourglass Shape

A glass or ceramic vase that has an hourglass shape is a must-have in your vase collection. These shapes are incredibly versatile and suit an arrangement of shorter-stemmed flowers that contain flowers with large, round heads such as proteas or roses.

With its wide bottom, narrow waist and flared top, an hourglass-shaped vase balances out a top-heavy arrangement of your blooms. When placing your bouquet of fresh flowers into the base, make sure the taller flowers are in the centre and that foliage and trim is around the outside.



- Low, Circular Shape

A fishbowl or round-shaped vase is an ideal choice for a posy of short-stemmed flowers such as lilies and gerbera. The diameter of the bowl perfectly balances out the head of the arrangement to provide a beautiful domed effect.



- Bud or Small Vase Shapes

Small vases or bud vases are best used for displaying single stems or small bunches of petite blooms. You don't necessarily need to buy bud vases and can substitute this by recycling glass food jars that work just as well. You can also set up a display of mismatched glass jars to put out an informal or casual arrangement of freshly cut garden flowers.



- Rectangular or Square Shapes

Perfect for modern or contemporary interiors, rectangular or square vases let you arrange a bouquet or single flowers with ease. Spread the flowers out to fill up the shape for an eye-catching display of blooms.

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