Modern Entry Hall Ideas for Every Home

If you have an empty area at the entrance to your home, here are a few ideas on how to style the space to welcome guests into your home.






Even if you only have a small entrance into your home, making something special that everyone will see when they walk inside adds a welcoming touch and a finishing touch to the home. Having worked on a small entrance hall previously, you will no doubt love some of the ideas below for a small area. And for those with a larger entrance hall, take your pick.






Reclaimed or Salvaged Wood

Unless you already have furniture to fill the space, finding reclaimed or salvaged wood online is probably one of the most affordable ways to design unique furniture and accents to fill the space and present a warm, welcoming invitation into the home. I also love the fact that by using reclaimed or salvaged materials, you are giving them a new life and, being already aged they will require little to no attention to look good.






If you fancy the idea of using reclaimed or salvaged timber but don't know where to start, enter 'reclaimed or salvaged wood' into the search bar and hit 'enter'. This will bring up plenty of options from Gumtree, Bid or Buy, to online classifieds where people have reclaimed hardwoods for sale. Buying them this way will work out cheaper than going to a timber mill, but if all else fails, you can still get in touch with timber mills and even tree felling companies who might be able to assist with sawn wood for trees chopped down. BTW... tree fellers are also a great source for tree stumps if you like this kind of thing.







Second Hand or Vintage Stores

Going to second hand stores is another solution for finding pieces to fill an entrance hall small or large. In this way, you are likely to come across some unique solutions that may be just perfect for you. Vintage stores might charge more for furniture but at least you know you are getting a piece that has a pedigree.





Online classifieds can yield plenty of options for all types of furniture and you can usually bargain with the seller or a bit of extra discount or continue shopping around until you find something else you like.





Storage and Style

There are some stylish ways to add more storage to a home simply by incorporating storage modules that look great in an entrance hall. Select a style and colour that complements your home decor and then use this for much-needed storage. Most larger hardware stores offer flat-pack furniture such as storage modules or cubes that can be stacked on top of each other and side-by-side to fill up a blank wall space.





Combine your DIY skills and basic power tools to modify readymade furniture to fit into a small or awkward space. There is nothing wrong with trimming cupboards for a slimmer profile if you need to free up floor space in a compact entrance.









Space-Saving Shelf

One easy way to make a statement inside your front door that occupies minimal space is to mount a floating shelf. Mount a mirror behind or above the shelf and a few decorative accessories and that's all you need. If you follow Feng Shui principles, don't mount the mirror directly opposite the door as this is said to send any good luck away.





It is always the small details that make the biggest impact. I love how a panel of pine slats mounted onto a section of wall makes a statement and adds a stylish touch to what would otherwise be a plain setting.





Small Solutions for a Small Space

You don't need to be an interior design to add a few details to an entrance - no matter the size. Take a look around the home and you may already have items that you can use to bring personality around the entrance.





If the entrance to your home is sadly lacking any form of decoration, there are many ways to add even a little bit of interest by using art, mirrors, or wallpaper. Another easy way is to bring a couple of plants into the space to freshen the atmosphere. Even small details will make a big difference when visitors walk through the front door.







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