Winter home decorating with window treatments

When it comes to keep out winter chills, something as simple as adding a window treatment can make all the difference. Adding blinds, curtain panels or drapes goes a long way towards helping keep a home warm during winter. If you don't already have blinds or curtains, take a look at a few options to consider that not only look good, but will also help insulate your home.


If you are looking for a window treatment that's a bit more traditional, hanging a combination of fabric blinds, such as Roman blinds, and floor-to-ceiling drapes adds a finishing touch to windows.

Roman blinds don't have to be functional, but can be added purely for display to incorporate colour and pattern into a decorating theme.

Functional Roman blinds can be made using almost any type of fabric and are an easy do-it-yourself project if you want cut down on sunlight entering a room. Plus they will also block out draughts if you have sash or cottage pane windows. You will find plenty of instructions on Home-Dzine if you want to make your own Roman Blinds.



Using canvas or bull denim for window treatments is an affordable and natural alternative for casual window treatments. Allow for plenty of fabric for a bulky fullness across the span of a window and that pools on the floor.

Fabric roller blinds are the perfect finishing touch for modern windows where there is no space for side curtains, or where the windows already make an impact. The guys at Blinds Direct offer wide variety of privacy enhancing, light filtering and blockout fabrics to complete any room.