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Ideas for Stylish Curtain Rods

If the time has come for a new window treatment and you want to update the curtain rod, here are some great ideas for making a stylish curtain rod for your home.

Window Treatment Ideas for Small Spaces

From simple sheer drapes to intricately patterned roller shades, this post will provide helpful tips and inspiring ideas for dressing up your windows without sacrificing precious floor space.

Minimalist, Clean and Simple Ways to Dress Windows

Not everyone is a fan of curtains or drapes for windows and there are plenty of ways to dress windows with a minimalist approach for clean and simple window treatments.

Should My Curtains Be The Same Colour as The Walls?

There is a lot of uncertainty when deciding on the best colour for new curtains and whether or not they should match the wall colour.

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The Advantages of Venetian or Horizontal Blinds

With many different types of window treatments, Venetian or horizontal blinds offer the most advantages and value for money.

How to Make Inexpensive Curtains Look Stylish

We can't all afford to have custom curtains in our homes, but there are plenty of tricks to make inexpensive curtains look a little more stylish.

Blinds or Curtains - Which is Better?

When it comes to window treatments for a home, you can choose either blinds or curtains. But which is better?

How to Make Simple Curtains Using a Bed Sheet

It's nice to know that you can still make affordable yet stylish curtains for a home using bed sheets.


5 Tips On Buying Window Blinds

Assessing your existing décor and the style you want to achieve can make it easier to decide the type of window blinds to buy.

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How to Hang Curtains for Best Effect

When arranging window treatments with curtains, it's not just about installing a rail or curtain rod and hanging the curtains. If done the right way, curtains can add so much more to any room.


Install Venetian Blinds in Under 30 Minutes... Tops!

Still in the process of turning the DIY Divas workshop back into a lounge and in this project, I am adding Venetian blinds on the window and will show you how to do this in under 30 minutes.


Quick Project: How to Make 30-Minutes Cafe Curtains

If you have a small or awkward window that needs covering, these 30-minutes cafe curtains will provide privacy and finish off a bare window.


How to Clean all Types of Blinds

Window treatments other than curtains need cleaning on a regular basis, but how do you keep blinds clean?


Make a Decorative Pelmet for your Windows

When dressing windows, especially where you don't want to see the curtain rail or blind hanging mechanism, a decorative pelmet is an easy way to add that finishing touch.

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Tips for Hanging Curtains

If you are decorating a new home or giving an old home a makeover, you will want to hang curtains to finish off the room decor - and we have tips on how to hang curtains perfectly - the first time.


How to Achieve the Perfect Layered Look for Window Treatments

A layered window treatment is the perfect way to finish off a formal living room, dining room or bedroom and is simple if you follow the tips below.


Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Patio Doors

Choosing a window treatment for sliding patio or French doors can be tricky, but these ideas will help you to decide on the best one for your home.


How to Choose the Right Blind Design for Every Room

To discover how to select the right blind design for each room in your home, you should know the various types of blinds.


Ideas to Hang Curtains without a Curtain Rod or Curtain Rail

This article is aimed at those renting a home and wanting to add a window treatment without drilling into walls, although it will appeal to other readers as well.

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Pick Of The Best Window Treatments

Small windows, awkward windows, low windows or tall windows, there is a window treatment that is perfect for all types of window shapes and sizes.


Blinds Are A Perfect Fit For Any Bathroom

Venetian blinds are the ideal window treatments for any bathroom.


Materials Used For Modern Shutter Design

Shutters are a great way to joosh up your home this new year and we take a look at the different materials used in the manufacture of shutters, so you can decide which one works best for your home.


Should Curtains Be Dark Or Light In Colour?

We often discuss window treatments, but one aspect of choosing curtains tends to confuse many... Should curtains be light or dark fabric?


Why shutters are a great décor choice

We offer 6 good reasons why shutters are a great option for your home.

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Finding the Right Curtains for You

Keep these 4 tips in mind when you’re choosing curtains for your home.


Should you Make your own Curtains and Window Treatments?

At a period in time when everything can be bought - at a price, why should you consider making your own curtains?


Wake Up Your Interiors With Decorland

If you are looking for window treatments that offer beauty and style but don't have a lot to spend, take a look at what Decorland suggest for waking up your interiors.


Unexpected Ideas for Curtains, Drapes or Window Treatments

If you're looking for affordable curtain ideas to dress up a room, why not try one of these unexpected window treatment options that will save you money.


Quick Tip: For those that don't like Tab Top Curtains

Tab top curtains tend to be less expensive than other options, but not many like these curtains because of the tabs at the top, so here's a solution to fix this.


The Easy Way to Mount and Install Curtains

If you have never installed a curtain rail, or hung curtains before, here's an easy way to do it - a method for all those mathematically-challenged decorators!

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Let the sun shine in

Before you close the blinds everyday, you might want to know that studies reveal that sunlight kills dust-borne bacteria.


Install Venetian Blinds for light control and privacy

Installing Venetian blinds as a window treatment in the home allows you to control light and privacy.


Shutters Add Curb Appeal - Privacy - Light Control and Security

Did you know that shutters add to the curb appeal of any home?


What are Honeycomb Blinds?

Discover energy-efficient window treatments with honeycomb blinds.


How to Dress Bay Windows

If you have a bay window in your home you are probably wondering what is the best way to dress or use this space.

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Aluminium Venetian Blinds for Bathroom

Some years back I fitted basswood blinds to the bathroom window. These have started to fall apart and replaced with aluminium Venetian blinds from Finishing Touches.


Does Your Home Feel Dark and Gloomy?

Too often, it's easy to pile on window treatments that make a room feel dark and gloomy - but here's an instant way to brighten up any room.


Affordable Blinds for Every Budget

Give your living spaces a refreshed look by choosing blinds that complement your decorating style.


Macramé Window Treatment

Dress up a plain window with this easy macramé window treatment using basic macramé knots and T-shirt yarn or rope.


Tips to choose the right curtains for your home

If you don't have a talent for decorating, choosing the right curtains can be tricky, so we compiled a list of helpful tips to help you find the right curtains for your home.

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Dress your windows with style

From plain curtains to Roman blinds, here are some beautiful ways to dress your windows with style.


Keep the Heat High and the Electricity Bill Low!

Keep the winter chill outside of your home by covering the windows with energy-efficient window treatments.


Bringing Style to your Home

You can use window treatments to provide extra comfort and bring style into your home.


Curtain hardware

If you're confused by the enormous range of curtain hardware available, join the club. It used to be so simple... put up the curtain track and hang the curtains. Now we have wooden poles, rods and finials, eyelet curtains, tab-top curtains, and more.


Dress Windows for Warmth

Honeycomb Blinds offer an energy efficient way to warm up a home during the winter months.

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Window treatments for French doors

French doors are a wonderful alternative to sliding doors as a way to easily access an outdoor patio, or to walk into the garden. But how do you dress French doors?


Choosing a curtain rod or pole

You want your window treatments to be the perfect finishing touch for a room. Finishing Touches offer some tips on choosing the best curtain rod of pole.


Quick Project: Detail for plain window frames

Here's an easy DIY way to add architectural detail to a plain window by installing a cornice around the frames. A window cornice is also a great way to hide curtain rails or mountings for blinds.


Celebrate Spring

Break out of your winter groove and freshen up your home for cool breezes and sunny days.


Rawlplug Curtain Pole Kit

Rawlplug offers a Curtain Pole Kit that includes everything you need to mount your curtain poles, rails, rods or blinds.

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Curtains with a twist

If you're wanting something truly eye-catching for your windows, try this basket-weave treatment.


Celebrate being a Woman

One of the most exciting things about being a woman is to express yourself in your own space. It is just a 'Woman' thing and you know exactly how to add the softer touch to a home.


Summer Window Treatments

It won't be long before the warmer weather arrives, and we can already start counting the weeks before the beginning of spring. Summer always calls for some trendy changes to our homes to revitalise and invigorate our indoor spaces.


Honeycomb Blinds - Great for Kids Rooms

School holidays can leave your house in a chaos - with sticky curtains and some extra stains that you did not plan for.


How to hang curtains

Hanging new curtains can be a confusing project if you're not sure how to measure up properly. We offer some helpful tips for measuring up for curtains.

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Add warmth to a winter home

Winter is a chilly affair, no matter where you live. One of the easiest ways to warm up a room is to add a window treatment to keep out drafts.


June is Youth Month – Own it!

Finishing Touches is helping you celebrate your youth by offering youthful and vibrant window decor trends at affordable prices. There is nothing that stops us to be our youthful self in our own homes and to make our homes as beautiful as possible.


DIY Tips for Dads

DIY projects around the house are usually dad's responsibility over weekends. Figuring out how to do all the projects on your own while keeping up with the busy career and spending precious time with your family can be hard to juggle.


Add a touch of rose gold

Rose gold is the latest metallic trend for home decor, and you will find it popping up in designer homes everywhere. Finishing Touches have launched a double pole set finished in rose gold to highlight your window treatments.


Modern look with blinds

Time to declutter and get a nice clean, but modern look? One way to do that is to take off your basic curtain track and curtain and replacing that with blinds.

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Clean vertical blinds

Cleaning vertical blinds can be a mission, but there are a few tricks out there that you can use to keep your blinds dust free.



Dress your Windows in Style

It's fun to decorate the windows in your home, and every room in a home can benefit from a beautiful window treatment that provides the finishing touch.


Easy to make window pelmet

When you need to top off a plain window, making a decorative box pelmet is quick and easy.


Sheer curtains let in the light

Sheer or voile window treatments offer a cost-effective way to change out your window treatments, protect your furnishings, but still allow your home to be light and airy.


Dress up plain curtains

In this project we combine peony pink curtains with lime green tape trim to add a touch of elegance to a dining room. This designer touch elevates the entire room, and it’s such an easy change you can make to your curtains.

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Inexpensive curtain rail

Here's how to make an inexpensive curtain rail using cabinet knobs and a pine dowel. We chose a brushed steel knob, but you can choose knobs with a different look and paint the rail in a colour to fit your decor.


Blinds look good and offer a level of insulation to a home

Blinds not only enhance your home decor, they are an ideal way to control privacy and light. Use blinds to complement a modern minimalist home, or as a secondary window treatment to layer your window dressing.


Decorative mozzie screen

When the weather is hot you want cool breezes through open windows, and this easy mosquito screen is a decorative way to reduce these annoying pests.


Essentials for secure hanging of curtain rails or rods

When hanging a curtain rail or rod, or putting up blinds, you want it to be an easy project when no possibility of fittings coming loose later on. We offer some tips for successful mounting where fittings are safely and firmly secured.


Dress your windows for winter

It's that time of year again when you need to look at ways to keep your home warm, especially if load shedding affects your region. Here are some handy tips and tricks for window treatments that will also warm up a home.


Branch out your window treatments!

Using a branch as a curtain rod definitely catches attention and you don't need to spend any money for this project.

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The convenience of buying blinds online

Buying blinds used to be tough, but not anymore - now you can buy blinds online from


Easy way to make Roman blinds

When we host our DIY Divas workshops on making a Roman blind, everyone is amazed at how easy it actually is to make your own Roman blinds. Whether you use bought fabric or make your own printed fabric, making a Roman blind won't take you more than an hour.


PVC curtain rod and finials!

There are plenty of ideas of affordable ways to hang curtains, but I still love the idea of using PVC pipe for the rod and ping-pong balls as finials.


Tips for hanging curtains

For many a young homeowners hanging curtains is not as easy as it appears, especially if you also have to mount a curtain rod or track. It's important to measure up so that curtains completely cover windows and also add extra character and texture to a room.



DIY Blinds: Measuring, Installing and Maintaining

You don’t need to wait for someone to come and measure your windows to receive a quote. Along with their made-to-measure blinds service, Blinds Direct also provide pre-made blinds should you require a combination of the two.

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Make your own curtain tiebacks

Love the idea of making my own curtain tiebacks with items that can be found at your local Builders Warehouse - and that won't cost much either. These curtain tiebacks are made using hardware, copper pipe and rope.


Now you can buy blinds online for DIY installation

Online shopping is quickly becoming the norm in our technologically advanced environment. This is because physically going out to the shops can be a stressful experience, especially when shopping for something a little less exciting like blinds! T


Summer styles for windows - Roman blinds

Fabric blinds are one of the most affordable window treatments you can make for a home and you can design a Roman blind in plain or neutral colours, or colourful dramatic patterns.



Branch out with ideas for windows

This idea is not a new one, but it's definitely a great idea if you are a looking for an affordable way to hang curtains and add interest to country, cottage or rustic room decor.


Warm winter window ideas

During the winter months our 'summer-designed' homes lose a lot of heat through windows that are dressed for the warmer seasons, but not for when it gets cold.

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DIY box pelmet for window

Pelmets are not only ideal for finishing off at the top of curtained windows, they also look great as a finishing touch for windows fitted with blinds - hiding the hardware out of sight.


How to hang a curtain track or C-track

I was so hoping to take back my lounge, which is once again being used as a workshop. But it seems this is not going to happen. So I need to install a curtain track in the TV room to make it a more livable space.


Shutters - Style without compromise

When you install shutters you don't need to worry about blocking out natural light or air circulation.


Window treatments for a home

Windows do a lot more than just let the light in. They also block out the sun in summer and keep your home cool in winter. Window treatments are also a key elements in the overall design of a home and in the unique look of each individual room.


Make horizontal striped curtains

If you have been looking around for horizontal striped curtains you probably haven't been lucky finding any, or if you did they were no doubt expensive.

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Canvas dropcloth curtains

Canvas is one of the most affordable and durable materials you can buy. Pop into your local Builders Warehouse and you can pick up canvas dropcloths in various sizes to make your own curtains at a fraction of what it would have cost to buy ready-made.


Make custom Roman blinds

Wanting a unique piece in the kitchen? You can easily make your own personalised Roman shade with scripted text. This kitchen window already has blinds on it, so a decorative, non-functioning shade was needed.


Natural linen, cotton or burlap drapes

Linen and cotton can be used to make the most elegant curtains and drapes for a home and won't cost you a fortune.


How to make pinch pleat curtains

Pinch pleats are an excellent way to add formal style to almost any type of curtain or drape. What's nice about pinch pleats is that you don't need expensive mounting tapes to create pinch pleats.


The right window treatments finish a room

There are factors to take into consideration when selecting window treatments. Details such as colour and fabric, style, length and custom-made versus ready-made. With so many options to choose from it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

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Cover up old bamboo blinds

Bamboo blinds are a nice option for windows, but when you get tired of the look or want something different, instead of throwing them away, cover them with fabric and give them a new life.


Add trim to plain curtains

Customise your curtains with a decorative band of fabric for a custom look and the perfect curtains for any room in your home.


Dress up windows to match your home

Dressing windows to match your new home can be an intimidating task. If you're looking for inspiring ways to dress up windows ... look no further! Be inspired to hang drapes in a whole new way.


How to make a Roman blind

Roman blinds are perfect for both small and large window treatments. You can make your own Roman blinds in any colour or fabric pattern, to match your existing room decor. Here's how to make a Roman blind...


How to paint curtains

It's easy to makeover a set of plain curtains (or cotton flat sheets) with fabric paint and stencil. There are no fancy techniques involved; simply find a design that you like, cut out the stencil and stencil the design onto the fabric

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How to decorate a plain blind

Stencils have come a long way; today’s options are sophisticated, easy to use, and offer you endless design possibilities.


Stylish window treatments

For years it seemed that every designer under the sun was maximizing each room’s exposure to the sun’s rays by leaving windows starkers. But modernism has now embraced ye olde yard goods as part of the mix (especially the glamorous mix), and curtains are definitely back.


Choosing the right window treatment

Choosing the right window treatment for a home, or even just for a room, can be a difficult choice, especially if you aren't comfortable with interior design.


Quick and simple curtains and window treatments

There's more than one way to hang a curtain, in fact there are many ways. I did a bit of research to find the most practical yet stylish ways to hang curtains without using the traditional curtain rail, pole or track...


Curtains for problem windows

Curtains can compensate for architectural shortcomings, such as low ceilings or little detail; windows that are too low, too high, too wide, or too small; and windows that don't match, aren't positioned symmetrically, or are stuck in a corner.

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Dress windows with flair

Whether you live in a suburban townhouse or an inner-city penthouse, there's no denying that full-length curtains offer ambiance, privacy or style for a home. Design experts show how they have incorporated window treatments to add more than a touch of flair.


Pelmets are back in fashion

Perhaps it's my age, but I have always liked to have a pelmet at the top of the window, especially when hanging blinds.


Fashion for windows

Do you still have a pair of sheets hanging in over the rail in your living room simply because you can’t decide whether you should spring for custom shades or buy some off-the-shelf curtain panels? Here are some tips to get you on the right track..

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Dressing awkward windows

There are more than a few homes out there that have a window or two that are almost impossible to dress. They might be small windows in a large wall, corner windows, windows high up, or windows that just don't feel as though they belong in the room.


How to dress windows

Windows are the new stars of the home - they can be dressed to frill or to thrill, or kept simple and chic. There's now a wealth of choice in treatments from classical swags to minimalist breaths of muslin and even curtains made from suede or leather.


Dress up plain curtains

It's so easy to add embellishments to dress up plain curtains. You can use anything from buttons, bows, ribbons and trim to add some pizzazz!


Stylish solutions for windows

The practicality and cheerfulness of Roller and Roman blinds makes them particularly suitable for any room in the home.


How to measure for blinds

Blinds are easily fitted as a do-it-yourself project, but make sure that you take down the exact measurements when having your blinds made, or when buying blinds. Here's how to measure for blinds


Keep nosey neighbours out of your home

Many homeowners, especially those living in a townhouse complex or cluster development, are plagued by nosey neighbours. So how do you keep them out of your home if you don't want to layer the windows with drapes?


Window Ideas To Make Your Home Extra Beautiful

There are so many window ideas that can really make your home look extra beautiful.


The Essentials For Making Your Own Curtains

In this article we look at fabrics, sewing techniques, designs over the ages, as well as the hardware necessary to hang and and make your own curtains.


The Essentials For Making Your Own Curtains

In this article we look at fabrics, sewing techniques, designs over the ages, as well as the hardware necessary to hang and and make your own curtains.


How to Pick the Right Color for your Window Blinds

It is important to select the right style of blind with the right set of colors for your room.




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