What are Honeycomb Blinds?

Discover energy-efficient window treatments with honeycomb blinds.


Honeycomb Blinds are an ultra-light window treatment that is energy efficient and a stylish way to insulate your windows.



Installing honeycomb blinds on your windows lets you add insulation and thermal efficiency that helps keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. How do honeycomb blinds do this? It's simple... honeycomb blinds are designs to have insulating pockets of air - sometimes known as cells - that reduces loss of heat through glass windows. The larger the window... the more pockets of air and the more energy efficient these blinds become. For maximum energy efficiency, select double honeycomb blinds for windows in cool or hot rooms.





Buying your honeycomb blinds from Finishing Touches lets you choose from a variety of colour options and have your honeycomb blinds to fit inside or outside the window recess, giving you the freedom to select the best window treatment option for your energy efficient home.









Honeycomb blinds are manufactured from polyester fibres that will not degrade, providing a long lasting and durable way to dress all the windows in your house. The materials used to make honeycomb blinds are also fire retardant (complies with the US National Fire Protection Standard NFPA 701), giving you extra piece of mind.





Choose the perfect Honeycomb Blinds for your home

Over and above the thermal insulation that honeycomb blinds provide, you can also select the amount of light filtering into living spaces. Select light filtering or semi-opaque to protect your indoor furnishings from sunlight, or medium opacity to provide more privacy indoors.











Add extra features



Corded or Cordless - At Finishing Touches honeycomb blind options include corded or cordless, letting you choose between manual operation or a spring-loaded mechanism that has no hanging cords. The continuous cord loop is ideal if the window height is too high to use a cordless blind - letting you have full control over blinds mounted in high windows. For windows mounted in a double-volume space, the motorised honeycomb blind can be operated using a remote control.



Smartfit Blinds - These blinds can be fitted to windows that are angled or sloped, such as skylights.



Blockout Blinds - The sheet/blackout system has a blind manufactured using block out material that allows the blind to be used fully as a sheer or as a block out








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