Dress windows with style and flair

Whether you live in a suburban townhouse or an inner-city penthouse, there's no denying that full-length curtains offer ambiance, privacy or style for a home. Design experts show how they have incorporated window treatments to add more than a touch of flair.


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Full length curtains soften hard edges, making any room in a home feel much more inviting, while still offering various degrees of privacy. While other window treatments also offer privacy, full length curtains add a feeling of opulence that blinds cannot. If privacy is an issue that needs to be taken into consideration, think about how much privacy you need during the day when the curtains are not closed.

If the room is overlooked you may want to add fine voile, lace or net curtains to your windows or fit a mini blind in addition to having curtains to frame the windows and draw at night. If the curtains are kept open, by fitting dress curtains you can save money on quantity and splurge on quality fabrics, as you will use less fabric.



As a major component of any room decor, curtains cover a large area, so make sure that you pick the right colour. If you're not sure what colour to choose, go with a neutral colour and add a border or trim using colour from the room. Window treatments can act as a focal point, serve a practical function [providing shade or privacy], provide a pop of colour or add depth and dimension to a room. Window treatments can be used to add a dose of bold or contrasting colour to a neutral room. Alternatively, curtains that match the colours in a room highlight rather than being a feature.

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When choosing fabric for curtains, select the fabric based on the room and the way the curtain will be used; do you want the curtains to drape, pleat or ruffle. A stiff brocade, for example, will hang heavily, while a soft, sheer fabric will fall and puddle on the floor. You also need to consider the disadvantages of various fabrics - cotton and rayon wrinkle easily and can shrink.